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How to increase advertiser adoption

Polina Melnikova
Rama Chanani

As an online retailer or marketplace, developing a clear and persuasive value proposition is crucial for driving advertiser adoption and expanding your ad business.

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How to grow your ad business: Step by step

Here's a breakdown of how the steps you can take to develop your value proposition and expand your ad business:

1. Enhance product discovery and drive sales with onsite advertising

Onsite advertising is a powerful tool to enhance product and brand visibility and drive sales for sellers. Highlight that advertising on your platform can increase product discoverability by 10-15x, effectively attracting potential customers who may not have yet discovered their products. 

Additionally, for sellers grappling with overstock inventory, advertising serves as an effective strategy for clearing excess stock and optimizing inventory management.

2. Use closed-loop attribution to maximize campaign effectiveness

Closed-loop attribution is a standout feature of performance ads, offering advertisers valuable insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. By providing a transparent and measurable way to evaluate campaign performance, your platform helps advertisers optimize their strategies in real time.

In an advertising landscape that often lacks clarity, this capability is essential for making performance ads more cost-effective and ensuring that advertisers can see and adjust to the direct impact of their advertising efforts swiftly and accurately.

3. Highlight the benefits of ads vs. promotions

Distinguishing the benefits of advertising from promotions is crucial for maximizing efficiency and profitability. While promotions often boost conversion rates through discounts or incentives, they can also erode profit margins. 

In contrast, advertising on your platform increases product visibility and attracts potential customers without a price reduction. This approach allows sellers to achieve a lift in sales while maintaining their profit margins, providing a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for long-term growth.

4. Using data-driven insights for sustained GMV growth

Data analysis indicates consistency and new advertisers experience significant quarter-over-quarter gross merchandise value (GMV) growth compared to non-advertisers, highlighting the clear benefits of advertising on your platform. 

By granting access to performance benchmarks and actionable insights, your platform enables advertisers to make well-informed decisions. This data-driven approach helps advertisers optimize their strategies and achieve sustainable GMV growth in a fiercely competitive e-commerce environment.

5. Build brand awareness throughout the customer journey

Advertising is essential in building brand awareness throughout the marketing funnel, from initial awareness to the final conversion. Your platform's comprehensive onsite and offsite advertising capabilities allow advertisers to target potential customers at each stage of the journey effectively. This includes everything from browsing products on the platform to engaging with content on connected TV (CTV). 

A robust advertising strategy encompassing onsite and offsite channels enables sellers to continuously engage their target audience, enhance brand recognition, and drive conversions, ultimately maximizing their overall impact across all customer touchpoints.

Build and grow your advertising business with Moloco Commerce Media

Unlocking advertiser adoption for your ad business

As we've explored, developing a clear and persuasive value proposition based on the powerful tools and insights available to retailers and marketplaces is essential for increasing advertiser adoption. 

By emphasizing the importance of onsite advertising, closed-loop attribution, and data-driven insights and leveraging onsite and offsite advertising capabilities, advertisers can understand how to achieve significant growth and visibility in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

In our next GrowthU article in our series, we will focus on how you can leverage data to drive advertiser demand and growth.

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