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Create a new revenue stream, help merchants reach shoppers, and increase purchase frequency and size.
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Automate sponsored ads to create demand when and where it matters most

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Drive merchant performance

Recommend relevant products throughout the buyer journey to achieve your merchants' highest possible return on ad spend.
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Increase shopper lifetime value

Unlock your first-party data to grow revenue. Help shoppers discover and buy new items, driving loyalty and customer satisfaction.
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Onboard thousands of merchants and deliver intelligent personalization without the typical engineering or data science startup costs.

Grow your marketplace

Improve your marketplace’s stickiness by engaging your shoppers with smart, timely product recommendations that maximize your merchants' ad performance. All powered by machine learning.


Promote products to the right audiences at the right time.

Generate demand where shoppers are most likely to buy

Moloco Retail Media Platform (RMP) is a turnkey ad serving platform that lets you set up an in-house advertising business to drive purchases for your merchants, gain new revenue, and boost customer loyalty.

Programmatically maximize ROI with native ads

Help merchants drive higher return on ad spend (ROAS) when shoppers discover and purchase new items as part of their existing buying experience. Reach the right customers and shorten the shopper’s journey with native ads.


Drive personalized and relevant product discovery

Help shoppers discover and purchase new items right at the point of purchase. Grow revenue through customer-targeted and uniquely relevant product ads based on real-time shopper behavior.

Guaranteed privacy with first-party data

Deliver intelligent recommendations without building new infrastructure. Moloco enables self-service for your merchants and self-improves with your data, so you get immediate value, without having to build a machine learning engine or hire a dedicated team.

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Key platform features

Marketplace dashboard & campaign manager

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With Moloco Retail Media Platform, our vendors achieved 9x growth in ROAS. The platform brings powerful performance based on machine learning and a scalable ad tech infrastructure, which enabled us to build a sustainable media business.
Woohyun Park, VP of Ad Business
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