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Build an omni-channel commerce advertising strategy.
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For Retail


Turn your own customer data into more and better buyers

Reach and engage consumers in their preferred channel: mobile. Half of all consumers prefer to shop, pay bills, and manage their finances via their mobile devices. With a machine learning engine built for performance outcomes, your acquisition budget will target real customers most likely to become your biggest buyers, not your next window-shoppers.

Boost repeat purchase rate to drive shopper LTV

Repeat customers are the key to retail success across every sales channel. By tapping into your hard-earned first-party data, retargeting becomes not just a reminder for past shoppers to come back, but also finds them at the right time and place with the best offer to maximize their purchase behavior now and into the future. And with its precise geographical targeting and massive reach, Moloco’s machine learning engine can prompt shoppers for the highest value locations, whether online or in-person.


For marketplaces


Transform into a high-margin revenue-driver

According to a BCG study, retail media offers a roughly 80% revenue margin compared to the 10% to 20% margins typically expected from traditional retail sales. And because personalized recommendations increase buying behavior within the existing shopping motion, the net benefit of merchant sponsored ads to your bottom line can push an e-commerce business of any size from the red into the black.

Increase average transaction value and basket mix

Help shoppers find what they need – and generate demand where and when they’re most likely to buy – right at the point of purchase. Programmatically deliver timely and relevant sponsored ads based on real-time shopper behavior to drive total purchase size based on first-party personalization.


Accelerate profit by tapping into merchant value

Offer your merchants an effective, end-to-end channel to reach and engage active shoppers with their items, not just their brand. A self-serve campaign manager lets your merchants natively test, run, and optimize sponsored product placements in your store or marketplace as their most effective strategy for generating better returns on their ad spend and greater profits for you.

If you’re ready to accelerate growth for your mobile app, you can’t go wrong with Moloco. Their platform is ideal for user acquisition, and we appreciated their transparency every step of the way.
Andy Jang, Senior User Acquisition Manager
No one provides better data-driven solutions than Moloco. Whether for programmatic user acquisition, in-house control of data, or as a fully managed service, Moloco’s machine learning solutions give mobile businesses the edge they need.
Maxim Kirilenko, Chief Business Development Officer
With Moloco Retail Media Platform, our vendors achieved 9x growth in ROAS. The platform brings powerful performance based on machine learning and a scalable ad tech infrastructure, which enables us to build a sustainable media business.
Woohyun Park, VP of Ad Business
GS Retail

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