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Build hype for your newly launched game

In-game advertising has evolved significantly, proving to be one of the most profitable revenue channels for mobile games today. With Moloco Cloud DSP, you can find lookalike players most likely to become payers and take your ad revenue to new heights. This is where Moloco’s machine learning steps in so that gaming apps can continue to effectively reach the players most likely to become whales, with optimized acquisition for purchase, going beyond simple installs. Your gaming app can start modeling ROAS as soon as data is ingested to get a blazing start.

Allocate your campaign budget strategically

Players are spending more time in-game – in fact, a recent study from Google shows that existing players increased their playtime by 42% in 2021. This spells opportunity for untapped growth for your gaming app. Moloco Cloud DSP gives you the opportunity to spend your budget on the highest performing ad supplies that accelerate results. We can even automatically allocate budget on days and hours with the highest returns so you can maximize profitability. Additionally, our machine learning can predict player LTV faster so you can target your spend more efficiently.


Reach new heights of player retargeting and re-engagement

Gaming is one of the biggest forms of entertainment in the world, making it a massive opportunity for advertisers. This translates to huge opportunity for player conversions to high-value users with Moloco Cloud DSP, no matter if your app monetizes through in-app purchases, subscriptions, or ads. Retarget existing users to create app stickiness and generate revenue at a lower cost through re-engagement promotions, all while showcasing the newest levels, features, and in-game events.

Turn campaign transparency into business opportunities

Transparency is key to assessing the benefits of your ad spend, and Moloco lets you utilize your first-party data and campaign insights to open up new revenue streams. You can optimize cross-promotion between multiple game titles and create targeted campaigns that reward your players and keep them coming back for more.

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“Moloco helped us acquire valuable users we needed  to hit our ROAS targets, and enabled us to reach new audiences that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise”

— Nick Cullen, User Acquisition Manager, GameHive


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