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Grow your app with performance-driven advertising

Acquire and re-engage high-value users with programmatic ad solutions powered by your first-party data.
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Trusted by mobile app businesses around the world

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Game Hive
Moloco helped us acquire valuable users we needed to hit our ROAS targets, and enabled us to reach new audiences that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.
— Nick Cullen, User Acquisition Manager, GameHive

Reach the right users at the right time

User acquisition

User acquisition

Identify and attract users most likely to convert.


Bring back and lock in quality users on your app.
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Automated campaign optimization

Our machine learning models automate everything including bidding, budgeting, targeting, and creatives, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Scale without added cost

Maximize performance at any budget across the globe by leveraging our massive processing power and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Real-time reporting and insights

Real-time reporting and insights

Gain deep understanding of your campaign performance, and fuel your marketing strategy with unique insights. 

Creative performance

Take your creatives to the next level with automated creative selections, real-time A/B testing, end-cards production, and more.

Creative performance
Broad reach and exclusive access

Broad reach and exclusive access

Tap into billions of in-app impressions across the open internet via our extensive network with all major ad exchanges.

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All powered by Moloco Machine Learning Engine

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Automatic accuracy

Built on deep neural networks, our machine learning models make accurate predictions – by leveraging real-time signals based on your own data.
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Always-on innovation

Our models constantly update, ensuring your campaigns adapt to the ever changing advertising landscape.
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Built-in fraud detection

We prevent wasted spend with dynamic fraud filters.
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No one provides better data-driven solutions than Moloco. Their machine learning power gives mobile businesses the edge they need to scale.
— Maxim Kirilenko, Chief Business Development Officer at Playrix

Privacy by design

Moloco is committed to protecting our customers’ data and upholding the highest privacy standards.

Our key safeguards:

  • Train our models on voluntary first-party data, rather than second- and third-party data that many other networks leverage
  • Your data is never shared with other developers
  • All user data is encrypted

We maintain compliance with global standards:

  • GDPR (European Union)
  • CCPA (California)
  • PIPA (Korea and China)
  • APPI (Japan)
  • Penetration-tested network by Bishop Fox

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