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Programmatic meets performance. Find and convert your best users
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One demand-side platform to
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Automated performance

Acquire high-value users across the open internet. Optimize mobile ad spend based on your data, not narrow audience segments.
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Faster user growth at any scale

See sustainable ROAS in six weeks, not months or quarters. Results scale with your budget so you can plan with confidence.
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Unmatched adaptability

Thrive in an era of flux. Adapt to changes in data availability, flourish with seasonality, avoid privacy risk, and maintain performance.

Campaign performance

Moloco Cloud DSP is designed for your campaign success. Our machine learning engine automatically powers your app’s growth and removes data risk so you can exceed even your most demanding goals, and your team can focus on what it does best: creativity and scale.


Acquire users with maximum return on ad spend (ROAS)

Scale user acquisition faster than ever before and achieve greater user lifetime value through our battle-tested prediction models. Optimize for your priority KPI, whether ROAS, CPI, or CPA. Our Deep Neural Network models update hourly, ensuring your campaigns adjust to subtle market changes, so that your business can adapt quickly and easily.

Pay the right price for the right impressions

Moloco’s ML engine fires at least eight inference models at every bid request, predicting with unprecedented accuracy the potential business outcome of any ad impression anywhere on the internet and how much you should pay for it to ensure maximum ROI.


Level-up market strategy with performance transparency

Get performance insights and track exactly how your budget is spent. Easily monitor and manage your campaign performance, grouped by the metrics most important to your business, ad creative group, regions, Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) vs. non-LAT, and more with comprehensive reporting dashboards. Download impression-level data for further analysis.

Launch your campaigns with confidence and control

Leverage a suite of tools that give you expertise exactly when and where you need it to drive performance and enhance your insight and control. Moloco’s Bid Optimizer, Budget Optimizer, Creative Optimizer, and advanced A/B testing capabilities save time and resources for teams of any size, starting on day one.


Fight fraud programmatically with machine learning

Ensure ads are seen by real humans, not bots or fraudsters. IAB Gold Standard 2.0 certified, our DSP proactively detects and eliminates fraud. You can be sure you’re always bidding on ad impressions that are most likely to result in verifiable installs, actions, and revenue.

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Moloco Cloud DSP


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It's been a pleasure to mutually share expertise with Moloco, be aware of the latest updates in Moloco Cloud DSP, and learn how they can help us increase our ad performance. We value the data-driven approach that Moloco follows.
Vitaly Korsak, User Acquisition Manager
If you’re ready to accelerate growth for your mobile app, you can’t go wrong with Moloco. Their platform is ideal for user acquisition, and we appreciated their transparency every step of the way.
Andy Jang, Senior User Acquisition Manager
No one provides better data-driven solutions than Moloco. Whether for programmatic user acquisition, in-house control of data, or as a fully managed service, Moloco’s machine learning-powered solutions give mobile businesses the edge they need.
Maxim Kirilenko, Chief Business Development Officer

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