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Kembangkan aplikasi Anda dengan periklanan yang didorong oleh performa

Dipercaya oleh bisnis aplikasi seluler di seluruh dunia

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Powering your app’s success with machine learning

Find your ideal customers on the open internet at the right time for the right price with the right creative.

Acquire and re-engage high-value users

User behavior is always changing. Leverage machine learning — based on your first-party data and real-time user behavior — to acquire the right users for your desired KPI.

Reach users across the entirety of the open internet

Expand your app’s reach beyond walled gardens to all inventories on the open internet, connecting with users where they spend two-thirds of their time.

Gain deep user insights

Optimize performance by understanding how users interact with your ads. Through our simple and customizable UI, get full transparency into your marketing campaigns with data down to the impression level.

Designed for a privacy-first era

Stay ahead of trends and sustain growth with our privacy-proof innovations built for the future.

How Moloco helps mobile apps grow

“Leveraging Moloco's innovative ad network, we didn't just hit our short-term KPIs – we exceeded them, paving the way for a highly effective and cost-efficient UA strategy. The results speak for themselves: lower CPI, higher D7 ROAS, and an enriched user base. This is a testament to what a focused, data-driven partnership can accomplish."


“When we were testing a normal campaign optimized for either in-app purchase or ad revenue, it didn’t cut it. But it was so easy to pipeline both together with Moloco, and we saw positive growth within just 2 weeks.”

— Gus Viegas, Head of Growth

“Moloco helped us acquire valuable users to hit our ROAS targets, and enabled us to reach entirely new audiences.”


“Moloco helped us use our first-party data to acquire the new active users we needed. By opening in-app inventory, we’ve been able to reach new audiences that we wouldn’t have otherwise.”

— Ara Salbashian, Head of Digital Marketing

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Incremental growth at immense scale

Tap into the vastness of the open internet via our expansive reach.

mobile apps

6.7B devices

190+ countries

A focused man at his desk reviewing data on a laptop about automated campaign optimization.

Harness the scale and speed of machine learning

Built on deep neural networks, our machine learning models accurately target and acquire users at scale by leveraging first-party, contextual, and campaign data.


Bid requests processed per day


Deep learning predictions made
per sec

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Supercharge your growth with performance CTV

Leverage our CTV solution to widen your app campaign’s top of funnel or leverage it as a standalone performance channel.

Three performance marketers looking at a laptop screen and analyzing real-time reporting and insights.

Gain insights into your users’ behavior

Access log-level data so you can perform bespoke analyses to understand performance and user trends.

Privacy by design

Moloco is committed to protecting our customers’ data and upholding the highest privacy standards. Building your future success by investing in:

  • Machine learning innovations for a privacy-first world to sustain optimal performance
  • Measurement flexibility for advertisers to choose a framework that best suits their unique business
  • Ecosystem partnerships to maintain privacy standards while driving advertiser success


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