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Membangun dan mengembangkan bisnis iklan Anda dengan didukung oleh pembelajaran mesin

Memberikan iklan relevan yang menghasilkan ROI pemasang iklan yang dapat diukur dan mengotomatiskan perkembangan Anda.

Earn more with greater demand

Built with publishers in mind, the Moloco SDK is a direct path to high-quality advertisers — with no additional margin fees — to increase ARPDAU and help your business earn more.

Direct demand

Eliminate costly intermediaries with direct access to premium global advertisers.

Incremental revenue

Obtain optimal CPMs for your high-value users. 

High-performing ad formats

Serve the right creative to the right user with formats  that work best for your app.

Various ad formats customized for your app

Choose from all major ad creative formats that work best to drive revenue while providing the optimal user experience.

Search screen of a food delivery app with a search bar, recent searches, and promotional banners for pizza.
Home page interface of a food delivery app featuring a pizza banner ad and categories like Asian, Convenience, and Dessert.
Category detail page in a food ordering app showing a 20" Paesano Pizza with options to include utensils.
Add-to-cart page of a food app displaying a 20" Paesano Pizza with quantity options and a promotion for a free Coke.
Checkout screen of a food delivery app with order summary, dietary preferences like Vegan, and other food categories.

Achieve more with real-time in-app bidding

Maximize earnings by increasing competition for your ad space with our bidder SDK.

More competitive auctions

Get the most out of your ad impressions through real-time auctions that attract a diverse range of advertisers to maximize revenue.

Zero latency

Show ads instantly and accurately, without any delays.

Operational efficiency

Jump start your app’s monetization and maximize operational efficiency, so you have more time to focus on what truly matters — your app.

Empower continuous growth

Optimize your growth from user acquisition to monetization.

  1. Moloco Ads: Acquire high-quality users 
  2. Moloco SDK: Maximize your app's revenue with Moloco's demand
  3. Growth reinvestment: Reinvest additional revenue into user acquisition and growth initiatives

Safe and effective monetization

Protect your brand and maintain user trust by ensuring only brand-safe ads are displayed through our comprehensive review process.

Integrated into the ecosystem

Join a global network of premium partners to drive success with Moloco.

Delivering success to top
publishers worldwide
Partnering with advertisers
across all verticals and regions
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“Kami ingin menjadi platform yang menyediakan pengalaman pelanggan terbaik dalam kategori gaya hidup dengan optimisasi berbasis pembelajaran mesin, dan kami menginginkan Moloco sebagai mitra kami dalam perjalanan ini.”As one of the strongest UA channels we weren't surprised to see the high eCPMs coming in from the Moloco SDK. It's become one of our top ad revenue sources.

Gus Viegas, former Head of Growth, Lessmore

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