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CityMall revolutionized its in-house ad business using Moloco RMP and increased ROAS by 900%

Vinay AV

March 13, 2024

About CityMall

CityMall is an e-commerce platform in India that uniquely targets low-middle-income consumers. It sells consumer goods across many categories, including groceries, fashion, general merchandise, and electronics.


CityMall faced a plateau in ad revenue as its in-house banner ad solution reached its limitations, hindering efforts to broaden customer engagement and relevance. Moreover, sellers expressed a desire for a more performance-driven advertising solution but were constrained by CityMall’s existing ad offerings, limiting the pool of potential advertisers.


CityMall strategically partnered with Moloco Retail Media Platform (RMP) to enhance their established in-house ad business through expertise and advanced technology for ad operations. This decision reflects a growing trend in e-commerce media to adopt in-house advertising, which promises increased profitability and a stronger market position.

In a close partnership with Moloco, CityMall upgraded its advertising operation using advanced Machine Learning (ML) technology. This improvement enabled CityMall to personalize ads and product recommendations in real-time, utilizing ML models to analyze customer data and match each customer's unique interests. In addition, Moloco helped improve CityMall's ad business by adding special features like multi-layer filtering and a custom item pool. This led to highly relevant ads, higher returns on ad spend (ROAS), and increased product visibility across different categories. Furthermore, CityMall tapped into a new revenue source by successfully expanding advertising opportunities for sellers in the fashion segment.

CityMall's partnership with Moloco was a strategic decision that revolutionized its in-house advertising operations. Using Moloco's expertise, CityMall rapidly scaled its advertiser base and significantly increased advertiser adoption, all while maintaining strong relationships with its sellers.


The integration of Moloco RMP effectively allowed CityMall to strategically expand its supply by increasing the number and positioning of ad slots while boosting its demand to satisfy advertisers with more relevant and outcome-based advertising. These are the successful outcomes of building an in-house ad business with a knowledgeable and flexible technology partner.

  • Increased ROAS by +900%
  • Increased advertisers by 10X within 4 months 
  • Increased ratio of ad spend to GMV by 2X within 4 months
  • 90% of gross merchandise value (GMV) contributing sellers adopted Moloco RMP

”With Moloco Retail Media Platform, we’re able to provide our merchants with a tool to increase sales via advertisements while improving the user experience through highly relevant product offerings.” — Pulkit Jain, Business Head, CityMall








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