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How to leverage first-party data to drive advertiser demand

Polina Melnikova
Rama Chanani

Data has become a cornerstone of successful advertising campaigns, essential for targeting the right audience and optimizing ad performance. This article explores strategies for leveraging data and data-driven decision making to effectively generate and nurture advertiser demand, critical to driving business growth and success.

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Elements of successful data-driven advertising

From harnessing data-driven insights in your decision making, to nurturing struggling advertisers and preventing advertiser churn, there are many elements to consider to ensure successful data-driven advertising and growth.

1. Understanding data-driven decision-making

Data serves as the backbone of advertising strategies, enabling platforms to make informed decisions and drive impactful results. By analyzing consumer behavior, market trends, and campaign performance metrics, advertisers can gain valuable insights into their target audience and tailor their messaging accordingly.

2. Influence prospects with data analytics

Data can be a powerful tool for persuasion for platforms looking to attract new advertisers. By showcasing where advertisers rank within their industry and providing insights into successful advertising strategies, platforms can demonstrate the potential benefits of investing in advertising. 

Metrics such as GMV, organic conversion rates, and click-through rates can paint a compelling picture of the value advertising can bring to their business.

3. Nurture free testers and struggling advertisers with data

Once advertisers become free testers, data can help nurture them into paying advertisers. Highlighting their superior performance compared to industry averages and demonstrating the tangible benefits of advertising, such as uplift in GMV and page views, can incentivize free testers to make the transition to paid advertising. Guiding on how to optimize campaign setup based on successful advertiser strategies can further solidify their decision.

Data-driven insights can offer valuable guidance for advertisers facing challenges with their campaigns.  By analyzing successful advertiser campaign structures and providing recommendations for optimization, platforms can help struggling advertisers improve their performance and achieve their desired outcomes. 

Additionally, offering insights into optimal return on ad spend thresholds based on profit margins can align expectations and drive more effective advertising strategies.

Build and grow your advertising business with Moloco Commerce Media

4. Encourage advertisers to invest in their campaigns

Data can also be crucial in encouraging current advertisers to increase their ad spend. By identifying growth opportunities based on low budget utilization and high return on ad spend, platforms can demonstrate the potential for increased sales and ROI. Emphasizing the benefits of advertising, such as higher ad conversion rates compared to organic traffic, can further incentivize advertisers to invest more in their campaigns.

5. Reduce advertiser churn and improve retention

Even advertisers who have previously churned can re-engage through targeted data-driven strategies. By showcasing changes in their industry ranking since discontinuing advertising and providing insights into successful performance metrics for advertisers in their category, platforms can demonstrate the potential for regained market share. 

Additionally, offering alternative campaign setups to achieve the desired return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) targets can entice churned advertisers to reconsider their advertising efforts.

Drive advertiser growth and engagement with the power of data

Harnessing the power of data is essential for driving advertiser demand and achieving business growth. And by leveraging data-driven insights to influence prospects, nurture free testers, support struggling advertisers, encourage increased spend and re-engage churned advertisers, platforms can unlock new opportunities for success in the world of digital advertising. 

With data as their guiding force, retailers and marketplaces can enable advertisers to confidently navigate the complexities and achieve their goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

In our next article in our GrowthU series, we will detail how you can scale advertiser demand by integrating ads.

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