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Thriving with SKAN 4.0: Moloco Cloud DSP enables reporting and postbacks

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June 21, 2023

In today's digital age, data is power. It fuels decisions, growth, and an organization’s ability to stay competitive. For marketers, capturing and leveraging data is more critical than ever before. In the last few years, Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) has become an essential tool for advertising in a post-IDFA, privacy-centric world. 

Now, SKAN 4.0 begins a new era of capabilities that provide more data and richer insights while upholding Apple’s privacy framework:

Source identifier -
Previous SKAN versions allowed 2 digits in the campaign ID, and only 1-100 campaign IDs per app. For SKAN 4.0, Apple renamed campaign ID to “source identifier” and increased the range to 4 digits, where each digit represents a different source.

Coarse conversion value -
Consists of three values — high, medium, and low — that can reduce rates of null conversion value postbacks or enable multiple postbacks (the second and third postbacks are sent only with coarse conversion value).

Multiple postbacks -
SKAN 4.0 supports multiple postbacks in 3 conversion windows, with an option for developers to stop measuring user activity and get postbacks sooner. 

To help our advertisers capitalize on all of these features, Moloco is now supporting SKAN 4.0 reporting and postbacks:

  1. Reporting
    Advertisers can now view SKAN 4.0 data in their Analytics dashboard, which includes new metrics like coarse conversion values, and revenue and event count by postback window. By offering more insights, these metrics will help advertisers better monitor campaigns and improve efficiency.
  1. Conversion Value Schema
    For our advertisers using AppsFlyer, we automatically integrate SKAN 4.0 conversion value schema — so you don’t have to set it up manually. Note that you’ll need to update the schema on your AppsFlyer portal before we can report on coarse grained conversion values with multiple postbacks.

We’re continually looking to maximize value for our advertisers through campaign efficiency and actionable intelligence. Stay tuned for future SKAN innovations!

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