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More Tips on How E-Commerce Companies Should Think About Creatives for UA Campaigns

Matthew Kaplan
, Senior Content Marketing Manager

January 11, 2023

We recently worked with Mobile Action to provide key tips on e-commerce app creatives for user acquisition. To check out our advice and see their full report, click here.

For even more insights on how e-commerce apps should approach their creative strategy for acquiring new app users, we sat down with Adam Widener, Creative Director at Moloco. Here are seven additional tips to consider:

1. Using specific brand forward logos or iconography at the start can have instant relevancy for the user and elongate attention. 

2. Mobile is all about touch and interactivity. Showing a pointed hand graphic tapping and interacting with the user interface (UI) can further draw the user’s eye towards all the features that the e-commerce app offers. Additionally, consider simplifying the UI experience to focus more clearly on its function. This will declutter the layout and create more white space around the features you want the user to pay attention to.

For example, consider this Woodoku ad:

3. Mobile is small, so always exaggerate or emphasize elements to avoid intricate and boring scrolling, menus, or forms.

4. Highly stylized videos that feature celebrities is a time-honored practice. But for the Gen Z market, they want the ability to make their own choices. E-commerce can benefit highly from simple content styled like user-generated content (UGC) that puts focus on products. Reviews, unboxings, subscription details, etc. are perfect concepts for e-commerce. Moloco ran a UGC-styled ad for a major food delivery business that saw engagement improve over the general message inventory.

Here’s a good example from Etsy that combines UGC and app screenshots:

5. Store ratings or testimonials work well for communicating the quality of the product, giving the user a stronger reason to download. Promo codes also allow users to engage in specific deals and entice interaction outside of the ad. Creatively, the user feels like they are privileged to accept this bit of information, thus increasing the likelihood of an install.

This ad from Alike uses multiple testimonials to highlight the app’s benefits:

6. Interactive end cards are a great opportunity to seamlessly connect video to the call to action at the end, and it adds an extra layer of engagement. Something as simple as a swipeable carousel to see a wide variety of products in a small format can perform really well. Mechanisms like scratch to reveal, drag and drop, or wheel spinners are great creative solutions to offering e-commerce more value.

7. Consider utilizing QR codes to further drive audiences to your brand.

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Disclaimer: None of these creatives have been created by Moloco, nor have they been used in campaigns involving Moloco.

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Matthew Kaplan
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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