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Moloco ranks as a top media source in 2020 Singular ROI Index Report

February 4, 2020

Today the marketing intelligence and analytics platform Singular released its 2020 ROI Index rankings, identifying the best-performing ad networks across hundreds of competitors. Our team at MOLOCO was pleased to discover that we ranked as a global ROI leader across all mobile verticals, along with ranking in several other categories.


MOLOCO Ranks as Top Media_1

The Singular ROI Index is an annual study that analyzes $6.3 billion in ad spend across 550 mobile ad networks. It is one of the few industry reports to emphasize ROI over other performance indicators, which it measures by attributing each ad dollar to over 2.2 billion app downloads. Singular also evaluates marketing inputs such as “costs, creatives, targeting criteria, bids, budgets, and more” to provide detailed top line insights about the mobile advertising industry.

While previous reports have included explicit numerical rankings, the 2020 Singular ROI Index opted not to force-rank ad networks. Despite this change, Singular did highlight the top ad networks across each category. Under this methodology, Moloco is considered a top performer in the following:

Top media sources: ROI

  • Global: All verticals
  • Global: Gaming
  • Regional: North America, All verticals
  • Regional: EMEA, All verticals
  • Regional: APAC, All verticals (Android)

Top media sources: Retention

  • Global: All verticals
  • Global: Gaming


“We’re thrilled to see our hard work acknowledged and validated in Singular’s ROI Index,” said Ikkjin Ahn, CEO at Moloco. “Our team prides itself on providing a 100% transparent, fraud-free network that emphasizes quick results, strong user acquisition, and high user re-engagement. It’s because of everyone’s contributions in 2019 that Singular featured us in its latest report, and why our performance will continue to rise in 2020.”

The full 2020 Singular ROI Index includes rankings for other top media sources along with key mobile marketing insights from 2019. You can download the report directly from Singular.

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