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Moloco Listed as #1 Option Outside The Walled Gardens in Key Categories in AppsFlyer’s Latest Performance Index

October 14, 2022

Moloco Improved Its Ranking in 21 Categories, Listed as a Top 10 Option in 25 Categories

AppsFlyer recently released the 15th edition of their Performance Index, which has ranked the best performing mobile marketing solutions in the world since 2015. In this latest edition, Moloco ranked as a top programmatic demand-side platform.

Among Moloco’s top 10 Power rankings globally include the following:

  • #1 outside the Walled Gardens for SKAN In-App Purchase – Overall non-gaming 
  • #1 outside the Walled Gardens for Retention – Android, Overall non-gaming 
  •  #1 outside the Walled Gardens for Retention – iOS, Non-gaming, Life & Culture (up seven spots from last index)
  • SKAN In-App Purchase – Life & Culture (up one spot from last index)
  • Retention – Android, All (up four spots from last index)
  • Retention – Android, Gaming, All gaming (up one spot from last index)
  • Retention – iOS, All (up three spots from last index)
  • Retention – iOS, Gaming, All gaming (up one spot from last index)

Moloco further solidified our rankings among the top media sources for both gaming and non-gaming companies globally for apps seeking retention and in-app purchases. Our rankings highlight the value of Moloco’s machine learning in finding quality users for a wide variety of mobile apps across the world by reaching around 18 billion mobile devices. 

In addition, compared to the 14th edition of the AppsFlyer Performance Index, Moloco received a higher ranking in dozens of categories, notably gaining ground across their SKAN and Retention Indexes (for both iOS and Android, and across gaming and non-gaming).

“The 15th edition of the AppsFlyer Performance Index is yet another proof of the value that Moloco’s machine learning provides to a wide range of the world’s leading mobile apps. No matter where a campaign runs, whether Android or iOS are being targeted, or what a Growth team is focused on, Moloco is able to deliver quality results and help them acquire and retain their best customers. Our investments in machine learning and deep neural networks continue to pay dividends for our clients year in and year out,” said Anurag Agrawal, VP of Product at Moloco.

Moloco was among the top 10 and 20 companies listed both globally and in key regions like North America, Southeast Asia, and Japan and Korea.

For their Performance Index, AppsFlyer has both a volume ranking and what they call a Power Ranking. The volume ranking is based on client adoption and the number of attributed installs, both on a per-platform, region and category level (where applicable). The Power Ranking looks at a combination of quantity and quality factors.

To see how Moloco performed in the 13th edition of AppsFlyer’s Performance Index, check out this blog post. And for your copy of the latest AppsFlyer Performance Index, click here.

Here at Moloco, we are always committed to helping our customers meet and exceed their goals. To learn more about how we work, why we’re different, and how we can help you, contact us today.

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