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Moloco climbs to new heights in the AppsFlyer Performance Index

October 29, 2021

Since 2015, the AppsFlyer Performance Index has ranked the best media sources to help mobile marketers find their ideal partners. In the newly released Edition XIII, AppsFlyer analyzed 623 media sources and 17,000 apps to yet again award Moloco high rankings across the board.

Moloco also climbed to new heights this year compared to its rankings on the 2020 index. We’re excited about how this recognition demonstrates the company’s meaningful growth and constant improvement to the benefits we’re able to provide our partners while so much is in flux in the world.

AppsFlyer has billed Edition XIII as “the first index of the new era” — a fitting description in more ways than one. First, the effects of the global pandemic have permanently changed the mobile media landscape. As a follow-up to the “WFH Edition” of the index that AppsFlyer released in 2020, this year’s release presents a snapshot of the new normal into which media sources — and advertisers — have emerged as lockdowns lifted and society returned to normal.

At the same time, Edition XIII comes out hot on the heels of Apple’s iOS 14.5 updates, ushering in “the age of privacy.” To reflect how App Tracking Transparency (ATT) has changed the game for both media sources and marketers, AppsFlyer included a first ever SKAdNetwork ranking, separated rankings for iOS and Android platforms, and isolated iOS users who consented to tracking.

Ready to see the Index highlights? Take a look at how Moloco shapes up alongside other key industry players:

Retention: Moloco Ranked #8

Moloco Climbs To New Heights In The AppsFlyer Performance Index in Retention

Moloco ranked #8 in the Global Power Ranking for Retention on Android, gaining one place in the rankings from its #9 ranking in 2020. In the Global Power Ranking for Retention on iOS, Moloco ranked #11.

In 2020’s Retention rankings, Moloco was proud to place fifth in the non-gaming category in Japan and Korea. This year, Moloco climbed to #2 in non-gaming retention in Japan and Korea on Android — gaining three places in a critical growing market!

Global IAP: Moloco Ranked #6

Moloco Climbs To New Heights In The AppsFlyer Performance Index in Global IAP

This year, Moloco secured a strong sixth place ranking in AppsFlyer’s Global IAP rankings on Android. That trend continues in both the gaming and non-gaming categories; in 2020, Moloco snagged #10 on the non-gaming Global IAP rankings — we held onto that spot for Android in 2021. In the gaming category, Moloco climbed from #9 Global IAP in 2020 to #4 (on Android) in 2021 for a five-place increase!

Moloco also held fast at eleventh place for Global IAP on iOS, both overall and in the gaming and non-gaming categories.

Global Growth: Moloco Ranked #7

Moloco Climbs To New Heights In The AppsFlyer Performance Index in Global Growth

Moloco ranked #7 on this year’s Global Growth index, up two places from our ninth place win in 2020. (AppsFlyer only included Android data in this year’s Growth index). We also climbed from #10 to #8 in the Southeast Asian Growth Index, and an incredible seven-place increase took us from #10 to #3 in the North American Growth Index!

Industry-First SKAdNetwork Ranking

AppsFlyer released the SKAN Index for the first time this year. Moloco ranked a strong #10 on the SKAN Volume Index, and #12 on the SKAN Power Index.

AppsFlyer’s semi-annual Index helps us gauge our progress at Moloco and measure how we are doing against the industry’s most important benchmarks. Moloco is grateful for AppsFlyer’s diligence and hard work crunching the numbers to put together the Index, and we’re thrilled to see our own dedication through both the pandemic and Apple’s privacy changes recognized in such an important report.

Ready to learn more about how Moloco implements proprietary machine learning algorithms and dynamic ad creative to help marketers get the most out of their app performance advertising strategies? Contact us today.

Are you an adtech professional interested in being a part of the next phase of Moloco’s stellar growth and impressive success? We’d love to talk with you about sharing your talent with our team and our partners. Check out our careers page for open positions.

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