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[Infographic] A Step-by-Step Guide to Fueling UA with First-Party Data

Matthew Kaplan
, Senior Content Marketing Manager

November 3, 2022

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fueling UA with First Party Data

To access the infographic as a PDF, check out the below link:

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The Marketing Landscape

  • Privacy changes are forcing performance marketers to rethink their UA strategies. Take heart: change is good.

  • As a result, marketers are turning to first-party data, as it is a much more accurate data source, and it’s fully permission based.

  • First-party data will have to play a bigger role in advertising, and that, in turn, will dictate how performance marketers leverage deep learning technology.

How to Use First-Party Data for UA: 7 Key Steps

Step One: Ditch Pre-Built Audience Segments

  • Personas limit the targeting pool, and prevent you from finding high value users at scale, wherever they are in the digital universe.

  • Let deep machine learning find them for you, without any of the bias that’s inherent in traditional marketing.

Step Two: Gather Your First-Party Data

  • Your first-party data is your building blocks for successful UA campaigns and strong ROAS.
  • Look for your:

    Campaign data log/campaign clickstream

    Conversion data from your mobile measurement partner (MMP)

    In-app interactions

Step Three: Work With a DSP

  • A demand-side platform (DSP) is critical for UA success. A good DSP can use your unattributed first-party data to train its UA models, enabling you to find, acquire, and retain your best users at scale.
  • Be sure to work with a DSP with a proven track record, ideally one with quality machine learning models in place.

Step Four: How to Scale Campaigns Using Your First-Party Data

  • Deep machine learning can take your first-party data and then extrapolate accordingly. It looks at the relationships of inputs (user and channel characteristics) to outputs (actions taken).

  • Use machine learning to translate inputs/outputs from one campaign to another. Do this prior to a campaign.

Step Five: Start Training Your Model Prior to Campaign

  • Don’t wait until your campaign launches to begin optimizing your campaigns. Train your UA campaign model on past data to get a jump start. It will deliver ROAS much faster.

Step Six: Use Smart Inference Models to Focus on Installs By High Value Users

  • App install optimization: predict the likelihood of a user installing an app as a result of seeing an ad.

  • In-app event optimization: predict the likelihood of a given user to install an app and take desired action.

  • ROAS optimization: optimize based on predicted business outcomes.

Step Seven: Update Model Based on Results Hourly

  • Use campaign results to update models every hour on the hour, or in as real-time as possible.

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Matthew Kaplan
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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