We are excited to announce the open beta release of MOLOCO Cloud, our new mobile performance advertising platform that provides self-serve features enabling app marketers to move their programmatic advertising in-house while leveraging the power of our strong proprietary technology.

In an industry that can be susceptible to ad fraud, transparency translates directly into improved performance, trust and ROI. The big advertising tech giants have conditioned performance advertisers to utilize their self-serve solutions, but these companies lack adequate data sharing and transparency.

MOLOCO Cloud addresses this lack of transparency and control by providing a self-serve programmatic advertising platform with full data visibility and control. Not only will MOLOCO Cloud enable advertisers to have more control over their own first-party data, but the platform also provides access to industry-leading machine learning technology to maximize performance.


Some of the key benefits of MOLOCO Cloud:

Total transparency - Access impression-level data to help optimize and scale, including ADIDs, media cost, sub-publisher data, device types, conversion data and more. Advertisers can also export impression-level logs for offline analysis.

Custom performance models - You choose the campaign objective, and MOLOCO Cloud achieves it. From CPI to ROAS, every one of our performance algorithm models are customized to meet your goals.

Unprecedented control - Our easy-to-use and intuitive self-serve platform gives advertisers total control over their programmatic advertising operations, from campaign setup to generating actionable insights, enabling advertisers to take action fast on optimizations.

Automated performance optimization - Our self-optimizing campaigns use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that leverage first-party and contextual data to optimize on-the-fly, reducing cost and maximizing performance.




At MOLOCO, onboarding and customer success is our number one priority. We have extended our best practices to include MOLOCO Cloud. Every existing and new customer will receive a consultative approach to getting started with customized onboarding workshops geared towards goals and outcomes. In addition to the onboarding process, every customer will have access to our comprehensive and detailed online documentation that guides you through every step in the campaign management process. For additional questions, advertisers can access our expert support team.


MOLOCO is already recognized across the mobile advertising ecosystem for its excellence in performance app marketing, growth and ad fraud mitigation. We are continually ranked in the top 5 across most categories, e.g. The Performance Index, Fraud-Free Rate and User Quality.



To get started or to find out more about MOLOCO Cloud, contact our sales team.