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How machine learning is transforming the shopping experience

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March 22, 2022

Shoppers everywhere expect to find whatever they want, wherever they look, instantly. It’s never been more challenging to engage them in the digital age, a constant flood of messages, notifications, ads, and more. As retail and e-commerce professionals, you already know this.

Your shoppers want to see only the most relevant messages, and on their preferred channel. The problem is, most retailers are still trying to convert and re-engage customers through standard marketing emails and SMS messages, which are either ignored or deleted.

To stand out, you need to create shopper demand — not just react to it — with smart, timely recommendations. With this approach, your shoppers find what they want, and discover what they didn’t know they needed, on your platform. In turn, you drive both purchases and lifetime value.

Supercharging experience with smart recommendations

Smart recommendations mean providing a non-disruptive, personal shopping experience by serving up hyper-relevant listings in the right place, at the right time, helping shoppers find complementary or alternative items that fit their unique tastes and preferences. Leading retailers are  implementing smart recommendations in the form of their own ad business — gaining a new revenue stream, providing a channel for merchants to promote their products, and personalizing the shopper experience.

With smart recommendations, you can:

  1. Drive purchases
  2. Reduce cart abandonment
  3. Boost impressions

The challenge is that it takes a massive amount of R&D to build an integrated ad platform that actually works, as it takes a deep understanding of each shopper, including their profiles, behaviors, and evolution over time. Meanwhile, most systems don’t capture this deep understanding because they still rely on manual targeting with keywords, and need constant maintenance to function. The good news is, you’re sitting on a gold mine: first-party data within your walled garden.

Mining the gold of first-party data

Retailers own a wealth of data throughout their ecosystem, including shopping history, product categories, and brands and these holistic profiles present a unique opportunity to engage your shoppers. You have the data, but how do you tap into it? That’s why we built the Moloco Retail Media Platform: an end-to-end solution that enables retailers to drive sales and shopper loyalty through smart recommendations. Using  Moloco, you can easily set up your own media business, where your merchants can run sponsored ad campaigns on your site, and we surface only the most relevant ads for each shopper. Simply put, your data and our advanced prediction models join forces to power contextual targeting — engaging shoppers based on real-time and historic behavior.

Mining First-Party Data

Search result page, product page, and home page.

It all comes down to performance

With third-party data and device IDs disappearing, merchants and brands are increasingly looking to their e-commerce channels to reach their audience. With Moloco, your merchants leverage your first-party data to connect with their audience across the buying journey, like the home page, category page, cart, and post-transaction.

Most importantly, they don’t have to be experts. With a deep foundation in performance marketing, our engine optimizes return on ad spend (ROAS) for your merchants’ campaigns — without any intervention. For instance, we’ve helped customers like multimedia retailer GS Shop achieve over 700% in ROAS.

Performance Marketing Optimizes Return On Ad Spend For Merchants' Campaigns

Optimize shopping experience. Automatically.

In the era of continually shifting shopper demands, the key to retail growth is experience. By centering our technology on experience, Moloco Retail Media Platform empowers you to:

  • Drive sales and new revenue on your site
  • Optimize campaign performance for your merchants
  • Delight your shoppers with recommendations, on their terms

The best part is, our engine gets smarter over time — optimizing performance with each click, search query, and purchase. So you’re equipped with smart recommendations no matter how big your platform grows.

Learn more about our Retail Media Platform.



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