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Scopely’s Monopoly GO! drives over 1 million installs on Moloco in first Month

James Bessolo

January 11, 2024

About Scopely

Scopely, a mobile-first game developer and publisher, strives to "Inspire Play, Every Day" by delivering unique and engaging experiences to players worldwide. Scopely continues to be a leading innovator in the gaming vertical with the recent successful release of the hit game 'Monopoly GO!', along with beloved games such as 'Stumble Guys,' 'Star Trek Fleet Command,' and more.


As Scopely prepared to launch 'Monopoly GO!', they needed immediate success and sustained growth. The strategy began with a soft launch, a phase where a game is released in limited areas, to understand which channels could maximize Return on Investment (ROI) for the global debut. This soft launch offered preliminary data, yet Scopely recognized the inherent challenge: for the global release to be widely successful, they required a strong start and aimed for a high Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from the outset, along with consistent, profitable, and sustainable growth.



For the effective rollout of Monopoly GO, Scopely and Moloco jointly developed a strategic framework that encapsulated several key elements:

  • Soft launch insights with Moloco: While soft launch is a valuable time to test and optimize the game, it's also critical for developing an effective global strategy to ensure success in the official release. During the soft launch of ‘Monopoly GO!’, Moloco pre-trained Machine Learning (ML) models with Scopely’s unique first-party data.

  • Leverage key game data from unique in-game events: Key game data from unique in-game events is a valuable source of user insight to drive maximum value from Moloco’s ML models. For launches, it’s important to find high-quality users quickly — the data allows marketing campaigns to learn and find these valuable users quickly during golden cohorts (aka initial high-value users).

  • Global scale: Scopely leveraged the worldwide appeal of Monopoly’s brand by tapping into Moloco's extensive global reach, consisting of 193 countries and over 6 billion devices.‘ Monopoly GO!’ topped the charts and was recognized by Pocket Gamer as the most significant casual game launch in the last five years.   


The collaboration between Scopely and Moloco shows how integrative solutions can redefine success in the digital age.

  • Moloco drove over 1 million installs in 30 days
  • Overachieved on ROAS targets by 2.6X
  • 'Monopoly GO!' became the #1 mobile board game worldwide

“Starting with our global launch and continuing today, Moloco has been a strong partner with an excellent ability to consistently find high-quality, highly-engaged players.” Eric Ma, SVP Performance Marketing, Scopely




California, United States




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