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Moloco Supports Custom Product Pages for iOS Campaigns

Hyemin Kim

April 27, 2023

Introducing Custom Product Pages 

Custom product page (CPP) is a feature that allows advertisers to create and show multiple versions of their app store page to users on iOS 15 or above. Historically, all mobile users seeing in-app ads landed on the same default app store page with no ability to customize the experience. With custom product pages, advertisers can now better streamline a potential customer’s journey by pairing their ad creatives with more relevant app store pages.

CPP can improve iOS campaign performance in a myriad of ways that include: 

  • Create and test up to 35 variations of app store page, each with a unique URL that can be paired with different creative asset groups
  • Customize each version of app store page by using different screenshots, app preview videos, and promotional texts
  • Highlight different app features via custom product pages to make the content more relevant for different audiences

How to use CPP for Moloco iOS campaigns

Step 1.

Create your CPPs in App Store Connect to use them for iOS campaigns. Each page gets a unique URL (called product page ID or PPID) that is paired with relevant creative asset groups used in your Moloco iOS campaigns.

Step 2.

Decide which combination of CPPs and creative asset groups you want to use. Doing this allows you to test how each bundle performs across different audiences.

Step 3.

Share the list of creative asset group and custom product page combinations with your Moloco representative  and ask them to set up CCP support on Moloco Cloud DSP. 

Jam City boosts iOS campaign performance with CPP

Jam City was one of Moloco’s first partners in leveraging custom product pages. To start, Jam City launched iOS campaigns and tested five CPP pages to see if customizing app store pages will lead to improved results. With the help of Adjust, their MMP partner who provided holistic measurement and redirection support, Jam City saw incredible results:  

  • Nearly 4X increase in installs per thousand impressions (IPM)

  • 10% increase in click to install rate (CTI)

  • 8X increase in click through rate (CTR)

To learn more about Jam City’s success with CPP, please see this case study.


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