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Burger King gains high-value users at 30% lower CPI with Moloco’s machine learning-powered DSP

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Ad impressions
served monthly


Ad impressions
served monthly


Ad impressions
served monthly

June 8, 2023


Increase in monthly install volume
Lower CPI vs. other ad networks
Increase in DAU (daily active user)
Increase in overall purchase volume

About Burger King

The quick serve restaurant (QSR) business is fiercely competitive with strategies including innovative offerings and discount menus. As one of the world's largest brands in the category, Burger King went “beyond burgers” to deliver a better customer experience with accessibility to online orders, home delivery, and personalized marketing.


  • Increasing revenue by acquiring high-value users for Burger King Korea’s app.

  • Promoting “King Order” to foster a more robust omnichannel synergy between online and offline channels.

  • Exploring other channels beyond walled gardens that could ensure brand safety while driving high-performance.

To boost its competitive position and market share, Burger King Korea aimed to obtain high-value users and drive the adoption of the “King Order,” a feature allowing users to order online and either pick up or eat in-store. The strategy was to foster a more robust omnichannel synergy between their online and offline channels. Additionally, Burger King faced the challenge of increased user acquisition costs on existing channels. With the help of their data analysis and marketing automation agency, NNT, Burger King selected the Moloco Cloud DSP to acquire incremental users on the open Internet outside of the walled gardens they had been using.

Burger King Korea app (source: App Store)

Moloco engagement

Burger King had no experience advertising outside of the walled gardens on the open internet, where app users spend 63% of their time. To capture the benefit of the open internet, NNT and Moloco provided structured onboarding sessions to help Burger King better understand the benefits of this new channel.

Once launched, the Moloco Cloud DSP automated targeting and bidding to optimize performance via its advanced machine learning engine and began identifying and acquiring high-value users on the open internet. Moloco’s automated campaign allowed Burger King to engage in seamless testing to determine creatives with optimal performance. Moloco also offered consultation on creative strategy, providing campaign analysis on the highest performing creatives as well as ways to optimize native creatives to amplify campaign efficacy.

Not being very familiar with DSPs, we had no prior experience running campaigns through Moloco and didn’t really have high expectations in terms of performance at first. So we initially relied more on the walled garden platforms.
However, after implementing Moloco Cloud DSP and conducting various tests, we saw significant improvements in ROAS and CPI performance and were able to experience the exceptional scalability the platform offers.
— Kyungsang Cho, CEO at NNT

NNT played a significant role in crafting custom creatives based on price, discount rates, and coupon image. This testing and monitoring of format and content continued throughout the duration of the campaign and led to amazing results.


  • Monthly install volume increased by 28% 
  • Average CPI was 30% lower than other ad networks
  • DAU increased by 7% 
  • Contributed to an increase of 4%p in purchase volume

Key Takeaways:
  • Advanced ML based solutions that automate targeting and bidding to optimize performance can help marketers more easily achieve their goals. This allows marketers to focus on developing high-performing creatives that deliver brand messages efficiently, increase customer loyalty, and drive high conversion rates.

  • Franchise brands can build an omnichannel strategy to engage offline channels through online activations — in this case, mobile app promotions. This can be accomplished with collaborative data-savvy partners that can provide creative strategies tailored to specific business goals and deliver exceptional results.


Burger King


Florida, United States


Food & Delivery

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