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Weekly Budget Optimizer delivers 29% higher ROAS for e-commerce apps

June 2, 2022

Did you know that companies get 65% of their revenue from retained shoppers?1 And that a 5% increase in shopper retention results in a 75% increase in a company’s profitability?2

For performance marketers growing e-commerce apps, running re-engagement campaigns is more a necessity than an option as targeting shoppers who buy is a main driver of monetization. In order to increase revenue, marketers need to serve shoppers the right re-engagement ads at the right time. The question is how to do this successfully in the midst of millions of variables that constantly change and impact shopper behavior every hour of every day. 

For example, a social media influencer might mention your shopping app in passing close to midnight, causing  it to go viral, and triggering a handful of purchases from shoppers who had that item in their cart. But how would you forecast this unexpected opportunity and take advantage of it in a timely manner? What if you’ve already depleted your daily budget on impressions that seemed relatively valuable before this opportunity popped up? By the time your daily budget is renewed, your chance to convert high LTV shoppers could already be gone.

The good news is that Weekly Budget Optimizer is now open for re-engagement campaigns on Moloco Cloud DSP. Weekly Budget Optimizer helps maximize every campaign’s ROAS by automatically optimizing budget for the best-performing hours and days of the week. This offers marketers a significant upside because the de facto approach of optimizing for daily timeframes can exhaust budgets before even seeing more valuable impressions towards the end of the day.

Daily vs weekly budget optimizer chart showing better ROAS

In summary, running your re-engagement campaign with Weekly Budget Optimizer enables you to: 

  • Automatically optimize spend towards best performing hours and days of the week to get shoppers to spend more on your app
  • Prevent campaign budget from being depleted when there are still valuable shoppers to re-engage
  • Boost performance of your e-commerce re-engagement ROAS campaigns by 29% (on average)

If you want to start running a re-engagement campaign on Moloco Cloud DSP, contact us today!

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