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Video ads made easy with auto end cards

April 7, 2022

Did you know that users are 3x more likely to convert on video ads than on banner ads? And 5x more likely on video ads than on interstitials?

Video ads are a great way to tell a story about your app and drive high conversion rates. This is why successful marketers invest in building and optimizing video creatives. However, in the past, marketers had to manually create and upload matching end cards to go along with their video creatives, which was a time-consuming bit of admin.

At Moloco, we don’t believe marketers should spend all their time on processes. Today, we’re excited to introduce our new auto end card feature, which enables you to automatically create end cards for your video creatives with a single click.

To create an auto end card, go to the Creative Group tab on your Moloco Campaign Manager:

  1. Select a creative group
  2. Click ‘Create’ and upload a video
  3. Click ‘Generate’ to create an auto end card
  4. Your automatically generated end card will be ready in a few seconds!

By using auto end cards, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically generate end card images by importing app store information – app icon, app/developer name, rating, review count, call-to-action link – with a single click
  • Spend less time on administrative steps and more time optimizing your video creatives!
Auto End Card_Mockup_v3

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