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Better understand how users are engaging with your video ads with Engaged-View Conversions

, Moloco

June 21, 2023

In the constantly evolving world of digital advertising, video ads have become increasingly critical for performance marketing. For app marketers, measuring how users interact with videos is more important than ever, but the current methods of measuring clicks and views fall short.


To help marketers gain a deeper understanding of how users engage with video ads, Engaged-View Conversions (EVC) is now available for all Moloco advertisers. EVCs occur when a user doesn’t click but watches a skippable video for more than 10 seconds or watches the video to completion for ads that are less than 10 seconds and converts within the campaign’s attribution window. 

Through internal testing, Moloco found that engaged users are 4 times more likely to convert than users who skip ads before 10 seconds or don’t watch to completion. 

With the rollout of Engaged-View Conversions, marketers now have visibility to how users are engaging with their ads across views, engaged-views, and clicks. These insights will help marketers make informed decisions in shaping and refining their marketing strategy.  

The launch of EVC is just the first step in Moloco's journey to provide marketers with sophisticated measurement tools to better understand how users are interacting with their ads. We look forward to seeing how EVCs can help you make better decisions and grow your business. For more detailed information, please see our Help Center or contact your Moloco representative.

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