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SKAdNetwork: testing through the lens of a DSP

October 22, 2020

There is still much to be learned on how Apple’s impending changes to eliminate IDFA and how the introduction of its SKAdNetwork will reverberate throughout the ad tech industry. In a post-iOS 14 advertising world, we’ve already mentioned how we believe machine learning will pave the way for ROI-positive growth, but it’s also worth sharing what we’ve been working on and key trends we’ve observed so far.

Soon after Apple’s huge announcement, the team here at MOLOCO shifted its focus towards pioneering solutions that would positively impact the industry. It is with great pleasure to announce that we are now able to receive SKAdNetwork postbacks while being among the first DSPs to bring this feature to the market. Here are a few key takeaways to consider:


  • About 0.3% of iOS bid requests currently support the SKAdNetwork. This fraction continues to grow daily.

  • Correspondingly, the volume of postbacks from live traffic is still very minimal.

  • Requests are coming from multiple exchanges, some of which include Fyber and MoPub just to name a few.

  • Postbacks are coming from users’ devices.

  • The publisher id does not seem to be included in the postbacks so far. This could be because the volume of postbacks is low and Apple states that they will provide this parameter only if their privacy thresholds are met. We will continue to monitor this issue as volume grows.


Example Postback from live traffic (Anonymized):


ad-network-id 9T245VHMPL.skadnetwork


attribution-signature MDUCGHN4zoagk86sr3iA/cdZOf7GbwiAT/JkJAIZAJOLghoksooSWqFm9p3uNWA803NPSyOz6Q==

campaign-id 56

redownload false

transaction-id d5d42d5e-e1c7-49eb-b168-dc2137561525

version 2.0


SKAdNetwork Ikkjin Ahn, CEO at Moloco

At Moloco, our top priority is to adapt to the constantly changing landscape and provide our clients with the technology to achieve their growth targets, no matter the metric. In addition to our capabilities of receiving SKAdNetwork postbacks, we’ve already had clients see success using our LAT targeting feature designed specifically for engaging traffic without IDFA. To learn more about Moloco's suite of highly sophisticated machine learning products, contact the machine learning and ad performance experts at Moloco today.


Update - Apple has now posted release notes confirming that there is a bug due to which source-app id is not being populated.


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