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Conversion value vs user quality: driving impactful results post iOS 14.5

June 11, 2021

As SKAdNetwork traffic continues to increase, selecting the most effective optimization strategy will become a key factor in establishing a successful campaign. Here at Moloco, we prioritize data-driven decisions to foster your businesses growth. Let us help guide you in that process by taking a look at the key insights of each optimization strategy.

Conversion Value Optimization 

With Apple’s iOS 14.5 introducing tighter constraints on personalized data tracking, some marketers may see value in an optimization strategy prioritizing driving the highest possible amount of conversion returns. While this method of operating does appeal to the logical instincts of advertisers angling to leverage conversion value (CV) post backs into measurable forecasting data, there are a few issues with this approach that need to be considered.

  • Simple CV aggregation does not equal better performance - While behavioral feedback does offer insights into tracking distinct user actions, agile marketers should also be aware that optimizing for larger conversion values by targeting specific publishers won’t always yield higher quality users.
  • Publishing Market over saturation - As ad spend is funneled into a more concentrated publisher base, advertisers looking to focus optimization strategy on high conversion value risk unintentionally compete in an inflated marketplace.

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User Quality Optimization 

Conversely, advertisers looking to take advantage of a long-tailed marketing plan, will find great value in optimization strategies geared towards targeting the best users. These advertisers see the most value in identifying and converting high quality users as it directly impacts a campaign's general effectiveness. With these material advantages in mind, nimble advertisers will still need to be aware of the potential challenges this strategy may encounter due to iOS 14.5’s industry wide impact.


  • Reduced Conversion Value Data - While business leaders adapt to a post IDFA existence, changes in Apple's privacy settings are projected to impact all DSPs’ ability to consistently retrieve full Conversion Value post back data.


How Moloco is helping advertisers 

Here at Moloco, we pride ourselves on leveraging world class machine learning algorithms to funnel the best performing users to our clients. We strongly believe that these industry reverberations, initiated by the introduction of iOS 14.5, serve mostly as an opportunity to further guide our partners into equitable solutions. In order to navigate these shifting trends, we recommend advertisers take full advantage of the post back data that is available to them. With a quick analysis of this post back data we can infer that the provided conversion percentage values over total installs will give an accurate estimation of the conversion value ratio. Doing so will allow informed decisions to still take place regarding ad spend, even when facing missing conversion value data. To help navigate, we've provided a few key considerations to maximize growth goals for your campaigns:


What to expect

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 Let’s work together

Moloco will take every step to ensure event-driven data is accurate, fraud-free, and compliant with the latest Apple standards. Join forces with us to maximize your ROAS and engage high-quality audiences.

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