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Moloco tops the ranks for impressions, fraud prevention, and more in Kochava Traffic Index

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March 31, 2020

Kochava launched its Q1 2020 Kochava Traffic Index, and Moloco has ranked in the Top 20 for nine performance categories.

Earlier this week, the unified mobile audience platform Kochava released its Q1 2020 Kochava Traffic Index. This report highlights the performance of independent media partners in the industry, and we were excited to see Moloco recognized as an industry leader. Our platform ranked on all primary categories and earned best in class for impressions — overall and DSP.

The Kochava Traffic Index is an objective analysis and ranking report based on billions of campaign transactions from Kochava media partners. It is widely respected across the industry by brands seeking to improve and better understand their ranking scores. This particular report focused on performance from H2 2019 with an emphasis on growth drivers such as transparency and clean signals.

Under Kochava’s 2020 methodology, all media partners are rated and ranked out of twenty for each category. Of these, Moloco ranked in all four overall performance categories and five of six specialized subcategories. You can download the full index for all entries, but here are some notable entries:

Best in Class — Signal Clarity: Impressions, DSP (A+)

Best in Class — Signal Clarity: Impressions, overall (B+)

#2 in Signal Clarity: Clicks

#6 in Signal Clarity

#7 in Fraud

“We’re thrilled to be included in Kochava’s Traffic Index and grateful for the opportunity to build valuable partnerships in this industry,” said Ikkjin Ahn, CEO at Moloco. “We pride ourselves on providing a 100% transparent, fraud-free network that engages users with high-performing CPI and CPA-optimized campaigns. These rankings are only possible thanks to the incredible gains our team made in 2019, and why we’re excited to see what 2020 will bring.

We want to thank Kochava for including Moloco and helping us build valuable partnerships across the industry! To find out more about our full suite of services, visit us at today.

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