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Moloco awarded "Machine Learning and AI" award at SMARTIES X 2021

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December 6, 2021

Moloco is proud to announce that it has received a SMARTIES X award for its work with Korean shopping platform GS SHOP. The award in the “Machine Learning and AI” category recognizes “campaigns using creative applications of mobile-based intelligent technology” — in this case, Moloco’s Dynamic Creative Optimization advertising campaign which saw a 4000% ROAS.

The SMARTIES X Awards are the world’s first marketing award recognizing innovation and celebrating companies and technologies that result in significant business impact for brands, agencies, media companies, and technology providers. Created by MMA, a marketing trade association of more than 800 global companies, the SMARTIES Awards celebrate the brands, agencies, and technology being used to pioneer new approaches to modern marketing.

Moloco partnered with GS SHOP, Korea’s oldest TV home shopping company to expand the brand’s success with mobile shopping. GS SHOP identified two major demographics it wanted to focus on: its traditional stronghold of Korean females between the ages of 30-50, and a newer, younger group of mobile-savvy shoppers aged 18-29.

Moloco analyzed GS SHOP’s 2019 performance using its sophisticated machine learning technology. The results of these analyses identified app users with the potential to drive ROI, and determined that a retargeting campaign that identified and displayed products reflecting customer purchases and browsing history would be most effective.

Rather than spend countless hours making variant ads for each possible deal and promotion to capture these retargeted customers, Moloco found that dynamic creative (DCR) banners generated by machine learning algorithms engaged customers just as effectively as static advertisements. The two companies then worked together to synchronize the advertisements with what was being broadcast on GS SHOP’s live television station, to ensure that potential customers would see the products and advertisements.

The campaign was an enormous success, with a 400:1 ROI. The target CPI was reached after just three days of the campaign and remained steady for twelve weeks, maintaining a rate of one thousand installs per day. ​​

Moloco is honored to be recognized by the MMA for its work on cutting-edge machine learning in the ad space, and proud that its powerful and industry-leading tools are being spotlighted by such a prominent award.

The full story on the Moloco and GS SHOP can be found by clicking here, and the full list of 2021 Smarties X Award winners can be found here.

To learn more about Moloco’s powerful suite of highly sophisticated machine learning products and how they make it easier for e-commerce apps to grow their customer base and increase sales, contact us today.

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