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Introducing the Moloco agency partner program

Dan Stephen
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February 7, 2024

We are excited to announce the global launch of the Moloco agency partner program, an initiative tailored to empower advertising agencies across the globe to scale their performance and thrive on the open internet. In 2024, the open internet outside of walled gardens presents abundant opportunities for mobile app advertising, contributing to 43% of US mobile app installs ad revenue — predicted to surpass the combined figures of Google, Meta, and Apple. This reveals the vast potential and inventory available on the open internet, offering an opportunity for incremental growth beyond traditional walled gardens. Access to industry-leading, scalable performance for a mobile-first advertising media strategy is the key to successfully navigating this ecosystem. 

At Moloco, we value our agency partnerships by providing transparency and comprehensive service training seamlessly facilitated through partner onboarding. Through the new Moloco agency partner program, agencies can access numerous benefits to drive performance for new and existing clients, accelerate user acquisition efforts, and amplify agency brand recognition as a premier partner in mobile app advertising.

Performance partner for the open internet

At Moloco, we understand that performance is paramount and have designed the program to help your agency reach new heights. The agency program encompasses extensive training and insights, sales and marketing tools, and exclusive access to innovations and technical support, ensuring your agency stays at the forefront of mobile app advertising. Moloco functions as an extension of your team by providing hands-on support across key initiatives to help your agency grow.

1. Education and development

  • Training: Take advantage of on-site and on-demand sessions for market leadership.
  • Certifications: Earn badges to display your agency's expertise.
  • Insights and analytics: Access unique insights, benchmarks, and workshops to refine your strategy.

2. Sales enablement

  • Sales resources: Agencies will be provided with pitch templates, case studies, and co-pitching support for onboarding new clients and helping scale existing ones.
  • Incentives: Certified partners can access commercial tools for seamless client onboarding.

3. Access and support

  • Innovation: Receive early access to alphas and betas.
  • Marketing opportunities: Participate in events, roadshows, and roundtables for broader networking.
  • Managed services: Access to dedicated technical support to promptly resolve client issues.

Agency partner program built for your unique needs

The Moloco agency partner program, shaped by our early partners’ insights, is uniquely designed to meet the evolving needs of advertising agencies. The accomplishments of our partners drive our success as we serve as an extension of their teams, fueling growth and redefining industry benchmarks.

“We're very proud at Addict to be among the very first partners joining the Moloco agency partner program. Being part of the program makes it easier to join forces with Moloco's team so we can provide our client with a channel delivering strong performance at scale while keeping a high quality of service.”
— Manuel Pacreau, CEO, Addict Mobile

“We at Admiral Media are thrilled to be a founding partner of the Moloco agency partner program. Our collaboration with Moloco has been instrumental in driving growth, not just for our business, but most importantly for our clients. The innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology provided by Moloco empower us to deliver outstanding results and stay at the forefront of the performance marketing industry. We chose to partner with Moloco because of their unparalleled commitment to excellence and the tangible value they bring to our campaigns. We're excited about the future and the endless possibilities this partnership holds.”
— Andre Kempe, CEO, Admiral Media

“We chose to partner with Moloco for their advanced ML-driven ad optimization capabilities, and we're particularly excited about leveraging their real-time bidding technology to significantly enhance ad performance and ROI for our clients."
— Harut Amirkhanyan, Growth Marketing Director, Appvertiser

"We are proud to continue our collaboration with Moloco, recognized for their innovative and data-driven approach in mobile. This enduring partnership combines their technological expertise with our proven digital marketing acumen, consistently driving growth and success for our clients' businesses." — Agustin Ochoa, Performance Senior Manager, Winclap

Become a Moloco agency partner

If interested in joining the Moloco agency partner program, you can sign up here. As your partner in performance, growth, and innovation on the open internet, we're here to redefine industry standards and fuel your agency’s growth.

Dan Stephen

Head of Ecosystems Partnerships, Moloco

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