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Moloco is the top ranked DSP in North America growth chart on the AppsFlyer 2019...

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September 24, 2019

 Mobile attribution and marketing analytics firm AppsFlyer has announced the 2019 Performance Index today. The Performance Index is well known to app marketers as a trusted ranking of mobile media sources along various categories and global regions, covering 23 billion installs and 45 billion app opens of over 15,000 apps.

At Moloco, we’re especially excited to see us as the highest ranked DSP on the North America Growth index, a strong indicator of the success we’ve achieved this year in increasing the adoption of our advanced machine learning powered marketing solution in the region.

Plus, we were happy to score some nice Top 10 rankings, as well as a few just out of the top 10:

  • Our strong growth was reflected in our number 5 Global growth ranking, including having the highest North American growth of any DSP.
MOLOCO is Top Ranked DSP in NA_2
Performance Power Ranking — North America | Life & Culture | Android

  • We were strong globally in Life & Culture categories, ranking 6th overall in Global Life & Culture, with strengths in North America, Japan and Korea — regions where we’ve been driving growth for the market leaders in the on-demand food delivery app industry.

MOLOCO is Top Ranked DSP in NA_3

Performance Power Ranking — North America | Gaming — Casual | Android


  • Our performance is strong across a wide range of mobile business categories — both with games and non-gaming apps. We came in 11th on the Global Power Ranking list for the Non-Gaming segment, while placing 9th and 12th, respectively in Android and iOS North American Casual Gaming Power rankings.
MOLOCO is Top Ranked DSP in NA_4
 Performance Power Ranking | Global | Non-Gaming | Android & iOS

We also found it worth noting that one of their key findings is that fraud and fraudulent networks, while at lower levels than previous reports, still present a major challenge to mobile marketers.

As fraudulent actors are forced to a smaller pool of networks, it’s all that more important to be vigilant and be sure that you’re not relying on the wrong channels and working with the right partners equipped with the advanced technology to detect and combat continually-evolving ad fraud.

Overall, we’re pleased to see the growth rankings, as we feel our hard work from the past couple of years has paid off and put us on a great track forward.

You can access the full report here.

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