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Moloco is honored again in AppsFlyer Performance Index

, Moloco

October 15, 2020

See how we stack up against our fellow industry peers!

It is that time of year again! AppsFlyer, one of the most trusted MMPs in the ad-tech industry, has released their semi-annual Performance Index, The AppsFlyer Performance Index XI, WFH Edition. 2020 has been one for the books as the entire industry experienced new and unforeseen hurdles caused by COVID-19 and the global pandemic.

This year, the AppsFlyer Performance Index added new indices with granular monetization-driven rankings, IAP (In-App Purchase) Index and IAA (In-App Advertising) Index. In addition to these newcomers, the AppsFlyer index reported on their tried and true categories like Retention, Remarketing, and Growth. 

Moloco is pleased to be notably placed in each category and is excited to showcase some of our proudest moments in each area! AppsFlyer dove deep into these categories and sliced and diced the numbers to give us a comprehensive look into which platforms will truly benefit you and your app’s performance.

Let’s take a look into how Moloco was able to proudly stand strong next to the other talented industry players!



Moloco ranked #9 in the global Power Ranking making it the only standalone DSP within the top 10 amongst the other players in the retention category.

 We are also ranked #5 in non-gaming retention ranking.


This was our most notable category of all! There are a lot of things we are proud of within this section but our proudest moment lies in reaching the #1 Growth spot, across Western Europe, standing strong amongst giants like Google Marketing Platform and Twitter. 

AppsFlyer continued by giving Moloco a special shout out highlighting:

“Moloco has also shown continued growth, with its share of the pie increasing by 40%. The network’s success is seen across the globe, making the growth rankings in no less than nine regions.”


Some of the other notable rankings include: 


#7 in North America IAA, All Categories

#9 in Global Growth 

#4 in North America Growth

#10 in Southeast Asia Growth

#9 in Global IAP, Gaming 

#10 in Global IAP, Non-Gaming

#11 in APAC Remarketing, Non-Gaming 

#5 in Japan and Korea Retention, Non-Gaming

#4 in Middle East and Greater China, Growth

#8 in Indian Subcontinent, Growth


Moloco is always grateful to see the results of AppsFlyer’s report as it helps us to gauge how we are doing within an industry that we truly love and pride ourselves in. This year in particular has given us the opportunity to really reflect on how much we have to be thankful for. We are incredibly lucky to have grown during these difficult economic times and we have our amazing partners to thank for that. It is not lost on us that as a business we need to be grateful for all that you have helped us to accomplish during these past 6 months.

If you or anyone that you know within the ad tech space has been negatively impacted economically by this pandemic, we salute you, and encourage you to give us a call. We would love to talk about how you might be able to share your talent with the MOLOCO family! Check out our careers page for our open positions.

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