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Moloco is a member of Branch’s Certified Partner Program

January 13, 2020

Moloco is now a proud member of Branch’s Certified Partner Program, and we would like to take this opportunity to share with our clients and partners some information about what this news means.

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Branch, one of the leading marketing attribution solution providers in the industry, launched their Certified Partner Program last March of 2019.

According to Branch:

All Branch partners must meet stringent technical criteria, including performing end-to-end testing and following campaign best practices such as keeping data discrepancies under 10%.

To become Certified by Branch, all partners must meet:

  • far higher technical requirements, including passing secondary publisher data, as well as sending campaign, ad name, and device ID.
  • In addition, all certified partners agree to SLAs for resolving issues with campaigns and have at least 5 active clients who also use Branch for attribution.
  • Moreover, all Certified Partners have agreed to collaborate with Branch on its ongoing efforts to fight mobile ad fraud by agreeing to common definitions for what constitutes fraud and sending secondary publisher and device ID for in-app traffic.
  • Over time, the technical requirements for Certified Partners will continue to rise as new types of fraud arise, and as marketers demand greater transparency for their campaigns.

Source: Branch official blog “Announcing The Branch Certified Partner Program” (

“We are happy to be recognized for our strong commitment to building technology that upholds the highest standards of data governance,” said Ikkjin Ahn, CEO of MOLOCO. “MOLOCO is also dedicated to fighting an ongoing battle with fraud in collaboration with our partners to support a long term healthy growth of the mobile ecosystem, and we will continue with our efforts in the year 2020.”

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