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Moloco explains its machine learning

July 11, 2022

If you’re a performance marketer, it can feel like your options for effective advertising are narrowing. Between Apple’s app tracking transparency (ATT) and limited ad targeting (LAT), the old ways of targeting users and tracking their behavior are going away.

Here’s the good news: despite privacy regulations, LAT, and ATT, you still have great options. Deep machine learning (ML) is proving highly effective at taking whatever first-party data you have and using it to identify and target the right audience at scale. 

What’s more, these ML models are really good at finding your most ideal users in the digital universe — the people who go beyond app installation and take specific actions, such as buying in-game currency, funding a crypto wallet, or shopping in a marketplace. 

In fact, rapid and sustained return on ad spend (ROAS) has never been within such easy reach — easy for deep neural networks, that is.

But what is deep learning exactly? How does it work? And why is it better than the AI offered by the legacy DSPs you’ve been using all along?

These are great questions and they deserve clear and concise answers. That’s why we wrote Machine Learning for Performance Marketers: A Primer. It explains in plain English terms, such as:

  • Machine learning, what it is and how it works

  • Neural networks, and how they learn

  • Deep neural networks, and the power they add to the more pedestrian neural networks

  • Training data and how it ensures that the ML is accurate and unbiased

  • Inference models -- what they are, and how they predict outcomes, such as a user’s likelihood to take a specific action or sequence of actions. It also delves into the ten inference models Moloco deploys to find your whales at scale and ensure your budget is spent wisely and efficiently.

Why we wrote this primer

As a performance marketer, your company relies on you to expand the user base for your apps. Your media budget is limited, and you are judged based on the decisions you make when it comes to spending your budget, as well as the results those decisions deliver.

We believe you deserve clear explanations of the steps Moloco takes to ensure we reach the best audience for your campaign goals, and to make the most value of your media budget. As we are a deep machine-learning company by design, those explanations necessitate a rather deep dive into, well, deep neural networks and deep ML.  

We encourage you to download the primer and learn about the next generation of ML-driven DSPs. Have questions? Would you like to see a demo? Contact us today

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