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Moloco achieves TAG Global Brand Safety Certification

, Moloco

March 12, 2021

We are excited to announce that Moloco has surpassed the rigorous standards required to join the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Global Brand Safety Certification Program. The aim of the Global Brand Safety Certification Program is to enhance transparency in the global digital display advertising market. By doing so, advertisers can have the peace of mind knowing that their efforts will reach the right audience and not be associated with content that could potentially jeopardize their brand and reputation.

The TAG Brand Safety Certified Program itself is the new global program that addresses the wide-ranging issues of ad fraud and brand safety hampering the entire digital advertising industry. The purpose of the program is to help companies demonstrate their commitment to brand protection and ensure that advertising partners have taken the necessary steps to reduce the risk of unsafe ad placements. This helps clarify for advertisers why their brands are safe in your hands. 

Above all, achieving this certification not only shows how seriously Moloco takes this issue, but it also reinforces our absolute commitment to developing and executing brand safety processes that contribute to minimizing the risk of ad misplacement to brand advertisers. 

“In a year of wrenching dislocation and rising criminal activity, the world’s leading digital advertising companies looked to TAG standards for stability, continuity, and protection, and they demanded their supply chain partners set the same high bar,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “This was a tipping point year in which the TAG seals became prerequisites for doing business in nearly every global market and sector of the industry. We plan to build on this year’s momentum by raising our standards and expanding our global reach even further to block bad actors and build a brand safe ecosystem for all advertisers.”

The full list of global advertising companies that adhere to the TAG Global Brand Safety Certification Program can be found here and includes companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Spotify, Walmart, TikTok, Samsung and eBay.

Moloco's strong programmatic buying technology and machine learning enables advertisers to acquire the highest-quality new customers and reach their target audience at scale using engaging ad formats in brand safe environments. MOLOCO offers a complete solution for app marketers, brands, agencies and technology platforms looking for a trusted and credible mobile-first advertising platform.

Advertisers can also read more about how MOLOCO addresses brand safety in our Brand Safety Policy.


TAG Global Brand Safety Certification


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