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MAU Vegas is back, and Moloco wants to buy you a drink

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May 20, 2022

MAU is a favorite event for growth marketers. For us too. What’s not to like? It’s a great opportunity to network with fellow marketers, learn about trends and meet up with your contacts in Las Vegas.

We have a lot going on with many ways to meet up with us. Our event page has all the details on how to schedule your meetings with Moloco team members and get involved in some of the activities. It will continue to be updated as more details on the events below and how to sign up for them become available.We invite you to relax and have some fun with us. Check out some of what we have planned.

June 6

TopGolf with 5 O’Clock, 7PM to 10PM

Join us for the Moloco sponsored 5 O’Clock TopGolf networking party. We will tee off directly after the official MAU Kickoff Happy Hour! Request an invitation.

June 7

Suite Dreams at MAU Vegas with Adjust, 10:00pm

Moloco and Adjust warmly invite you to join us for a late night gathering for top shelf cocktails, small bites, and stunning views as we enjoy MAU Vegas in style.

Come back soon to register.

June 7 & 8

The Moloco booth #530

June 7, noon to 6PM

June 8, noon to 7PM

Come to booth #530 and enjoy a hot or cold matcha. Our baristas are available during the entire exhibition; grab some Moloco swag while your coffee is being freshly prepared. Book a meeting with us here and take home a premium at-home matcha kit after you stop by our booth!

Poolside Cabana

If you are relaxing by the pool, stop by the Moloco Cabana for refreshments. Drinks and snacks are on us! Catch us at Cabana #22

June 8

Conference session, 3:30 PM

In a fireside chat, Dave Simon, GM Growth Initiatives at Moloco, and Michael Brooks, SVP of Revenue at WeatherBug, will discuss "Supply Chain Problems are Everywhere, Even in our App Economy."

See you in Vegas!

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