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Tailoring your creatives to different audiences

May 21, 2021

Moloco was thrilled to have had Playrix join us on friday for our weekly webinar!

Our discussion on tailoring creatives to increase ROAS revolved around introducing the creative aspect to the outgoing audience and bid equation. As Playrix mentions, “different audiences respond to different creatives''. Selecting the most impactful creative and bid is essential to reaching the desired audience and maximizing ROAS.

Here are some ways you can capitalize on your creatives:

Develop a Powerful Core Idea 

A robust creative concept can resonate with audiences beyond the niches from which they target. 

Consider new metrics for segmentation such as activities, interests and opinions (AIO), paying close attention to users' passions or hobbies. Expand the brainstorming process to explore all potential areas for conversion. By developing content that is targeted to a specific demographic, gender or hobby, your advertisements become more relevant, fostering a more meaningful relationship between you and your user. This in turn will allow you to leverage that information to make your ads more relatable to them, increasing the efficacy of your campaigns.

Instead of strictly focusing on selling, advertisements can also emphasize teaching customers important lessons, which in turn will help guide their buying behaviors. Campaigns which feature targeted creatives that communicate the right message to the right audience are more likely to generate conversions.

Build Dynamic Creative Assets 

Emphasizing a powerful creative is paramount in today's landscape where the trend for skipping ads is ever-growing. 

The advantage of building a dynamic creative asset is that you do not need to create entirely new campaigns, but rather make small modifications to an existing idea, maximizing your creative spend. More efficient targeting will reduce CPC and CPM while simultaneously increasing ROAS; this is evidenced by tailored creative segmentation, decreasing cost per view while yielding higher brand lift compared to generic ad creatives. 

Tap into Moloco Engine to Show Your Audience the Right Ads

We are data-driven here at MOLOCO, believing that personalization is empowered by data. Utilizing our performance driven ad creatives, we leverage our custom machine learning algorithms to secure the most impressions and highest quality users, keeping your brand identity at the core.

MOLOCO is the industry's best solution for analyzing and identifying winning mobile experiences. Our creative and data-driven strategies engage users and increase conversions.

Learn more about how we empower mobile businesses to unleash the power of their data!

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