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How Moloco prepared for a Post-IDFA era

, Moloco

September 24, 2021

At Moloco, we guarantee that our customers achieve the best performance — no matter the circumstance.

We have been working hard over the past quarter to deliver outstanding results in an age of ATT policy and SKAN attribution. Here you can take a closer look to see what we have achieved so far and how we successfully navigated this transition:

How Moloco Prepared For A Post-IDFA Era
How Moloco Prepared For A Post-IDFA Era

Moloco has embraced new LAT changes well in advance of its mainstream adoption. By using IDFA based behavioral data to train our machine learning models, we have achieved greater accuracy and performance than ever before. Deep integration with client-provided first party data, campaign data and contextual data ensures that we are well-equipped to handle any changes that lie ahead.

Click here to find out more about how Moloco is performing in the Post iOS 14.5+ world.



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