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Moloco Wins Google Cloud Customer of the Year Award

Rob Martin
, Senior Engineering Manager, Moloco

September 19, 2023

We‘re thrilled to share that Moloco has received a 2023 Google Cloud Customer of the Year Award, recognizing Moloco’s achievements in helping customers harness the power of Machine Learning (ML) for performance advertising and enhancing the effectiveness of digital ads. Moloco previously won the Google Cloud Customer of the Year Award in 2021 for using Google Cloud’s infrastructure to reliably handle the immense amount of data Moloco uses to power its solutions. Moloco has won in the “Cross-Industry” category, which includes innovative advertising technology.


“The Google Cloud Customer Awards are an opportunity to recognize the most innovative, technically advanced, and transformative cloud deployments across industries, from around the globe, built on our platform,” said Brian Hall, VP of Product and Industry Marketing at Google Cloud. “I want to congratulate Moloco on achieving this award and serving as an innovator for the industry.” 


Moloco’s ML infrastructure has been built on Google Cloud since its inception, driving substantial gains in efficiency and cost. Utilizing Google Cloud, Moloco has scaled to process more than 5.8 million bid requests per second and can maintain peak performance rates when processing more than 581 billion bid requests daily. Google Cloud’s solutions enable Moloco to create 81 billion impressions per month across 3 million apps and 230 countries. 


At Moloco, we work with extremely large data sets of tens of petabytes every day. Google Cloud has been critical in improving our internal processes and data flow infrastructure, leading to improved performance for our customers. Moloco has achieved groundbreaking results through the partnership with Google Cloud.


Moloco’s ML model development and serving processes run at top speed continuously to support the scale of data ingestion, the volume of bid requests, and the continuous model training required to deliver relevant ads in real-time across all of our product offerings. By leveraging Google Cloud, Moloco can focus on increasing efficiency and creating real value for our customers.

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Rob Martin
Senior Engineering Manager, Moloco
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