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How Moloco uses Google Cloud services (video)

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February 9, 2022

Recently we announced that Moloco was selected as a winner in the Cross-Industry category of Google’s first annual Google Cloud Customer Awards!

Now we are bringing you the story behind the story: how we use the Google Cloud Platform to ensure our machine learning solution, Moloco Cloud DSP, is optimized to handle more than 4 million ad bid requests per second.

In this video, Chang Kim, Moloco’s VP of Engineering, talks to Google about the scalable infrastructure required for our machine learning solution. Chang begins by discussing how Moloco Cloud DSP provides performance advertising to application and game publishers. If you are new to how ads appear in your mobile phone apps, this video serves as a great explainer.

Next, Chang touches on Google Cloud Platform services and other technologies in our infrastructure; why they were chosen and how they contribute to our need for speed, scalability and optimization so that we can provide the best performing ad service to our customers.

Google Cloud Platform services and other technologies involved:

  • GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)
  • BigQuery
  • TensorFlow
  • Google Cloud Bigtable
  • Google Cloud Datastore
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Dataflow
  • Kubeflow

Moloco is proud of our partnership with Google and our ongoing work together because efficient data processing will continue to play a big role in our performance advertising services today and in the future.

If working on machine learning and these powerful technologies sounds exciting and challenging to you, check out the open positions in our software engineering, infrastructure, data engineering, data science and machine learning teams.

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