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Fraud watch October 8, 2018

October 8, 2018

  • Overall: 21.23% (down from 27.54% last week)
  • US: 17.81% (down from 18.95%)
  • KR: 14.61% (down from 36.05%)


  • Great work everybody, fraud is down across the board.
  • Junk installs is currently the largest problem. Junk installs is the largest category of fraud in the US and worldwide even spikes to double digit rates.
  • Global fraud rejected at the MMP level is now under 1%


Oct 8_1


 Global Fraud October 1 — October 7


US dropped to record low rates. Although Phantom Installs and Poached Organics dropped, Junk Installs ticked up slightly.

Oct 8_2

US Fraud October 1 — October 7


Fraud in Korea was slashed in half (36.05% to 14.61%), with Junk Install rates plummeting from 10.37% to 1.38%.

Oct 8_3


Korea Fraud October 1 — October 7

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