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Fraud watch October 1, 2018

October 1, 2018


  • Overall: 27.54% (up from 21.67% last week)
  • US: 18.95% (down from 35.48%)
  • KR: 36.05% (up from 23.19%)


  • Some increase in global fraud this week, driven by slight increases in all categories.
Oct 1_1

Global Fraud September 24 — September 30


US continued its drop in fraud, driven primarily by a drop in organic poaching (19.26% to 6.66%). This bring organic poaching rates in line with global trends.

Oct 1_2

US Fraud September 24 — September 30


Fraud in Korea saw a large uptick across all categories, most notably junk install rates (3.15% to 10.34%).

Oct 1_3

Korea Fraud September 24 — September 30


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