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An open letter to our first responders…

May 11, 2020


Dear First Responders,

COVID has turned the world upside-down. We are scared, frustrated, and questioning the world we live in. What’s next? I mean, let’s face it…2020 hasn’t been at all like what we were hoping for, but there are still reasons to be thankful.

I just started a new job at a company called Moloco, based in the Bay Area. For those who are curious about what Moloco is…we are a programmatic advertising company that empowers mobile businesses to unleash the power of their data for fast, sustainable growth. Now enough about that, what I really came here to talk about is my experience with the way they are putting their economic resilience to good use.

Moloco encouraged the marketing team to reallocate our events resources to help our community. The fact that a social good campaign was my first project right out of the gates was so exciting!

After a brainstorming session with my new Marketing team we figured the best way to reallocate the money was to help support our hospital workers while also helping out local restaurants around the Bay.

So, in an effort to help those who need it right now, Moloco will be donating food to a different hospital every day for National Hospital Week. We want to show our first responders a little love, and also support our local businesses by purchasing food from restaurants who have been feeling the effects of COVID. So far, working with your hospitals and local restaurants has been incredible. Everyone has been so thankful and encouraging that I couldn’t help but to feel inspired while working on this project.

This is going to be an amazing week and I am truly thankful to not only have a job during this tough economic time, but a job that encourages its employees to do something good for the community. Keep a lookout on our social media outlets for more updates as we show our healthcare workers across the Bay some love. I hope it spreads a little happiness. It definitely did on my end of things.


Open Letter to First Resp_1

So again, thank you first responders. To our doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, hospital cleaning staff, receptionists, and all medical staff: we at Moloco thank you and hope you enjoy a meal on us! If you like what we brought you, we encourage you to return to these small local restaurants because they need all the support they can get right now too.

We love you, we appreciate you. Stay safe and be well.



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