Build and grow your own ads business powered by machine learning

Programmatic DSP solution on mobile for ad agencies

Brand-safe performance at machine scale.

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Plan and execute ROAS-driven campaigns from one interface

Exceed your clients’ goals with a proven mobile ad performance solution powered by Moloco’s machine learning engine. Set up, manage, and optimize multiple campaigns with a familiar, easy-to-use, and agency-ready interface. Maintain visibility and control via integrations with all major attribution and analytics platforms. Uncover deep performance insights with both standard and custom reporting dashboards.

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Deliver fraud-free campaigns in brand-suitable apps

Work with a DSP that has attained IAB Gold 2.02 certification and is TAG Certified Against Fraud. Ensure all campaigns you manage comply with global data privacy standards, including GDPR, CCPA, PIPA, and APPI. Get peace of mind that Mocolo Double-Check and methodological review of ad exchange inventory is screened and filtered for fraud.

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Drive long-term growth with machine learning

Leverage our unique Weekly Budget Optimizer to ensure spend is automatically focused on the days and times when your clients can maximize results most efficiently for higher ROAS. Future-proof your campaign’s performance with hourly refreshes of Moloco's machine learning model with the most up-to-date data.

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“Moloco helped us acquire valuable users we needed  to hit our ROAS targets, and enabled us to reach new audiences that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise”

— Nick Cullen, User Acquisition Manager, GameHive


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