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Mobile App Performance Marketing Global Report

From reach to results, our 2023 global report reveals a steady shift to performance marketing as mobile app marketing grows worldwide amid economic uncertainty.

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Creative performance

As mobile app marketing rapidly evolves thanks to advancements in AI/ML technology, there's a shift from traditional brand marketing to a more performance-driven approach. Now, more than ever, marketing leaders are held accountable for tangible business outcomes and optimal return on advertising spend.

Key insights


Mobile app marketing continues to grow across industries and regions

In 2023, 64.7% of surveyed companies reported allocating a larger portion (%) of their marketing budget to mobile ads, and 63.2% indicated that they increased their mobile ads budget allocation to performance marketing.

Performance marketing is steadily overtaking brand marketing in mobile ads spend, a rising global trend across various industries.



Performance marketing drives satisfaction and measurable outcomes

Performance marketing received high satisfaction from mobile app marketers, rating 4.4 out of 5, for its capabilities of acquiring new users, obtaining high-quality users, and improving ROAS.

Among mobile app marketers, performance marketing is essential for driving revenue growth and profitability during economic uncertainty.



Advanced machine learning is top of mind for mobile app marketers

Advanced ML/AI is the #1 factor for mobile app marketers when choosing a mobile performance marketing solution, ranking above global reach and high-quality user acquisition.

As performance marketing for mobile apps grows, advanced machine learning is the key to success in unleashing measurable outcomes.


Mobile App Performance Marketing Global Report

Our 2023 global report provides insights into mobile app performance marketing trends, challenges, and investments.

  • Surveyed 1,675 mobile app marketing managers.
  • ‍Respondents across 9 countries: France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the UK, the US, and Vietnam.
  • ‍Industries include (but are not limited to): Gaming, e-commerce, messaging apps, entertainment, business, IT/solutions, and social/community platforms.
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