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To support your performance success, Moloco's mobile adoption tracker offers essential insights and key industry trends impacting business. Utilize our data to track the percentage of total daily bid requests with support for SKAdNetwork, processed by the Moloco Cloud platform. As well as, a deep array of Bid Request statistics across multiple platforms and Week over Week changes in Cost Per Mille.


SKAdNetwork Adoption

In this section, you can find % of SKAN adoption by country and exchange


Note: The above chart shows only the top 5 exchanges by spend

Bid Request 

In this section, you can find Bid Request insights categorized by SKAN Compatible, LAT SKAN Compatible, LAT, OSV, and Traffic Source






In this section, you can find the week over week change in Cost Per Mille


How Moloco Can Help

Since 2013, we’ve invested heavily in the development of flexible, multi-purpose machine learning models capable of driving value for mobile advertisers.

Those same models, intelligently modified, have already shown promise in being equally effective in a world of SKAdNetwork and contextual signals, supporting our theory that in the absence of user-specific identifiers, mechanical efficiency becomes the most important factor for positive growth.

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