The comprehensive solution unlocks new ad-based revenue streams for digital marketplaces while helping sellers increase product visibility, drive conversions, and generate greater return on ad spend.

The last few years have perhaps been the most dramatic and eventful in the relatively short history of digital consumption. New technologies like cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence are reconfiguring the very foundations of how we shop, communicate, and keep ourselves entertained, to say nothing of the all-consuming paradigm shift brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The net result has been a massive influx of businesses and consumers to the world of digital trade, bringing along a wealth of opportunity for online marketplaces.

At MOLOCO, we’ve never doubted that the future of media and trade are digital, but we’re also well aware that the transition from brick-and-mortar will be full of unique challenges, especially for businesses that lack the resources of modern tech giants. That’s why we’re excited to announce the beta launch of our new Retail Media Platform, designed to help digital marketplaces and publishers of all sizes unlock new, ad-based revenue streams by empowering their sellers to connect with their ideal customers amidst rapidly expanding catalogues. By ensuring that all businesses can leverage the power of machine learning and data-driven ad targeting, we hope to help create a more personalized, value-driven commercial world for the betterment of marketplaces, sellers, and consumers alike.



SponsoredAds-EN (1)Unlock Valuable New Revenue Streams With Sponsored Ads

On-platform advertising has the potential to generate billions in ad revenue for marketplaces while providing sellers with a strategic, high-return marketing channel for selling their products. With Sponsored Ads, digital marketplaces can unlock high-margin revenue streams that require minimal overhead and deliver better on-platform experiences to their customers. Vendors enjoy self-serve access for easy, API-based or self-serve campaign management that allows them to improve product discoverability, generate more conversions, and drive a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).



Personalized Recommendations for CustomersRecommendAds-EN-revised

Modern consumers expect to have their needs anticipated at every stage of their product journey, but building dynamic content personalization systems is resource-intensive. MOLOCO’s Recommendation Engine lets marketplaces easily leverage first-party data to predict customer behavior and connect them with the products they’re most likely to purchase. Powered by the same trained algorithms that drive success for our programmatic advertising clients, our recommendation engine delivers personalized shopping experiences that ensure greater customer lifetime value and higher retention.



Tap Into Valuable Ad Revenue Without the Risk

Building a suite of personalization tools to compete with the likes of Amazon and Uber simply isn’t realistic for most digital marketplaces. Established players like these have spent years developing their solutions, resulting in an insurmountable advantage that grows daily, fed by a constant stream of global user interactions. While minimal overhead and market dynamics may make building a retail media solution seem like a lucrative opportunity, the resources and expertise required to successfully execute and maintain a retail media system mean that failure could be catastrophic for small-to-midsize, or even enterprise-level businesses. Partnering with the MOLOCO Retail Platform minimizes the inherent risk to marketplaces of in-housing adtech solutions while still affording them access to what has been proven to be one of the most profitable revenue streams available to contemporary businesses.

The Time for Retail Media is Now

The opportunity available to digital marketplaces has never been greater. With the arrival of iOS 14.5’s increased privacy restrictions and the surge in available media ad inventory, advertisers have fewer tools with which to optimize their paid marketing campaigns. The relative value of first-party data has consequently increased, as it constitutes one of the few remaining ways to maintain the kind of intimate relationships required to genuinely improve on-platform customer experiences. At MOLOCO, helping digital businesses unlock the power of their data has always been our mission, and we look forward to playing our part in facilitating the next chapter of digital life. 


To learn more about how you can unlock valuable new advertising revenue opportunities while ensuring the best possible experience for your vendors and customers, we invite you to get in touch.