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Beyond generative AI: How operational machine learning is transforming mobile app marketing

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June 28, 2023

Key takeaways:

  • From generative AI to operational machine learning (ML), the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining the mobile app marketing landscape.
  • Moloco's advanced operational ML excels with autonomous decision-making, real-time processing capability, and immense scalability.

AI's breakthroughs, particularly generative AI, are reshaping various fields, from art and music to natural language processing (NLP). This technology propels many tools we use every day, including chatbots and recommendation systems. With the potential to add trillions of dollars to the global economy, it's clear we’re only at the beginning of this transformative era of AI.

Can the power of AI, specifically operational machine learning, elevate the marketing landscape? How does this relate to mobile app marketing? Well, consider this: As machine learning and AI continue to weave themselves into our daily lives and global business operations, isn't it an opportune time to explore how cutting-edge technologies like ML can fuel business growth and carve out a unique space in the competitive app marketing landscape?

The untapped potential of machine learning in mobile app marketing

Over the past three decades, digital advertising evolved from basic website placements to sophisticated, personalized ads, courtesy of advanced ML technology — and this shift propelled walled garden platforms like YouTube and Amazon into the advertising forefront. By employing ML for ad placements and product recommendations, walled gardens can analyze user data to enhance ad relevance and engagement, which significantly bolsters ad monetization.

The scope of digital advertising is expanding, and for the first time, operational machine learning is available outside of walled gardens. With two-thirds of app usage occurring on the Open Internet, a substantial fraction of digital ad spending remains untapped.

While 'machine learning' has become quite a buzzword (much like 'generative AI'), it's important to understand that not all ML is created equal. 'Operational machine learning' refers to models applied in real-time operations and are fully autonomous in decision-making, speed, scale, and adaptability, unlike standard machine learning, which makes predictions based on historical data and often relies on pre-programmed linear models that require manual inputs.

Operational ML is particularly useful in digital advertising where real-time decision-making is crucial — like deciding which ads to serve to which users. Standard ML models need manual retraining to fit new criteria and use cases, making scale challenging. Operational ML, on the other hand, constantly ingests and acts on the most recent data points, adapting in real-time to a quickly evolving advertising landscape. Most companies venturing into ML technology need to catch these key characteristics. That's why thoroughly evaluating your marketing channels is important to ensure you're getting the right machine learning.

Moloco has made it a mission to democratize access to this advanced form of ML technology. Our goal is to equip every marketer and advertiser with the solutions and tools to deliver top-tier advertising campaigns and leverage the full potential of operational machine learning.

Sunil Rayan presenting at MAU Vegas about Moloco’s operational machine learning technology.
Sunil Rayan, Chief Business Officer at Moloco, presenting at MAU Vegas about Moloco’s operational machine learning technology.

The power of Moloco’s operational machine learning

Operational machine learning can be complex and challenging to use. Moloco has spent nearly ten years taking the complex aspect of operational ML and making it easy to use and accessible for advertisers on the Open Internet to leverage the benefits easily.

In addition, Open Internet advertising presents a challenging changing landscape, which includes fraud, pricing, privacy regulations, and real-time adaptability. Moloco's operational machine learning is perfectly equipped to handle these challenges by navigating the evolving digital landscape with precision, speed, and intelligence:

  • Billions of parameters are analyzed to unlock deep insights about user behavior, enabling highly precise targeting.
  • Moloco processes around 600 billion bid requests daily, catering to the vast, connected world and supporting real-time, data-driven decisions.
  • Real-time decisions delivered in an incredible 14 milliseconds — quicker than the time it takes your brain to command a mouse click, Moloco has made 20+ predictions, supplying the speed to our rapid digital environment.

Despite the challenges, the Open Internet is a goldmine of opportunities for mobile app marketers willing to leverage these cutting-edge technologies and achieve outstanding results. For further reading into the success of Moloco's operational ML:

Unlocking the full potential of operational machine learning

Mobile app marketing can unlock immense growth opportunities by leveraging operational ML, here are a few practical tips:

  • Prioritize real-time data integration: Real-time data offers valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing marketers to adapt their strategies dynamically. Everything from user behavior to macroeconomic conditions is constantly changing, requiring real-time data to solve real-time problems.

  • Leverage granular insights: Operational ML can generate granular insights on user behavior. These insights can help marketers elevate their performance marketing efforts and make informed decisions. So it’s important to demand insights and transparency in your machine learning solution.

  • Merge performance metrics with consumer insights: Performance metrics quantitatively measure marketing performance. When these metrics are combined with qualitative consumer insights, marketers can fine-tune their holistic strategies for optimal results.

  • Optimize targeting efforts: At the core of targeting, Operational ML enables marketers to optimize efficiently by finding the right users at the right time without manual intervention.
  • Partner with operational ML platforms: Platforms like Moloco that are built on operational ML can provide scalable performance. It’s essential for marketers to seek understanding of different ML capabilities in different solutions, and test rigorously for successful campaigns.

Embracing a new era in operational machine learning

Operational ML continues to lead to groundbreaking shifts in digital advertising and has proven successful across numerous verticals. And its true potential rests in its utilization:

  • Real-time data integration
  • Granular insights on consumer behaviors
  • Performance metrics with consumer insights
  • Partnerships with leading operational ML platforms

As we tap further into this advanced technology, we are on the cusp of a new era in mobile app marketing, promising exponential growth and unmatched success. Connect with our Moloco team today to embrace the power of operational machine learning and take your performance mobile app marketing to new heights.



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