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Korea’s leading casual game publisher 111 Percent boosts revenue by 14% using Moloco's ML-powered user acquisition


May 11, 2020


A publisher on a winning streak seeks new media partners

Headed by young visionary Kim Kang-An, Korean game publisher 111 Percent leads the domestic casual game market. In September of 2019, it released Random Dice, a PvP defense game played by deploying dice towers. Moloco helped advance its marketing efforts with a global UA push.

Prior to working with Moloco, the 111 Percent team used just a handful of UA channels. To scale their efforts, improve budget efficiency, and offset risk, they decided to diversify its media mix. They chose Moloco for its RTB capabilities and vast global reach.


Moloco uses machine learning to optimize for quality & scale

Moloco provided access to an extensive programmatic ad inventory: The publisher could now run Random Dice ads across 2.5MM apps, targeting over 4 billion devices each month. Its machine learning algorithms optimized performance based on the probability of user installation and post-install events.

Meanwhile, account managers continuously monitored the campaign to ensure that it hit ROAS targets. They encouraged additional spend at precisely the right moment — when ROAS exceeded standard benchmarks — allowing the publisher to increase its budget by 30%.

Moloco also helped 111 Percent optimize ad creatives. The team analyzed the efficiency of each asset and produced 150 additional materials based on the results of that analysis, including two image concepts and three video concepts. Moloco's global staff then helped localize the creative in four different languages.


111 Percent increases net revenue while maintaining efficiency

Overall, the campaign increased Random Dice revenue by 14%, with some countries growing by 30-40%, and net profit by 8%. The publisher praised Moloco's capabilities and promised to continue working together in the future.

"Unlike the traditional way of having to launch a campaign by contacting each channel separately, we were able to expose ads to numerous inventories simply by using Moloco's solution. With the support of the AM in charge, we were able to process the necessary updates without any delay and ultimately achieve our goals... We will continue to use Moloco for global mobile marketing in the future."

- 111 Percent

The full story on 111Percent's collaboration with Moloco can be found by clicking on the link here.

To learn more about Moloco Cloud DSP and how you can start leveraging your own strategic insights to fuel growth across the programmatic ecosystem, contact the machine learning and ad performance experts at MOLOCO today.


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