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Zupee attained 5X growth and 3X ROAS targets with Moloco Ads

Ashley Toh

September 18, 2023

About Zupee

Zupee is a premier online gaming company with the highest market share in India's largest gaming segment — casual and board games. Zupee is approved and certified as Games of Skill by the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and consistently produces apps that engage, entertain, and spark joy.


As a startup, Zupee's primary goals included driving new user trials and maximizing app downloads while maintaining a cost-efficient install rate. Being a Real Money Gaming (RMG) product, the emphasis was on active users and first deposit (or IAE). Having started with an install optimization focus that yielded healthy Cost Per Install (CPI) results, Zupee wanted to hone in on In-App Events and maintain an optimal Cost Per Action (CPA) balance with Moloco across Android and iOS platforms.


Drawn by the advantages of Machine Learning (ML) powered technology, Zupee partnered with Moloco. The Moloco Ads platform is intuitive and user-friendly by design, and leverages advanced ML algorithms to optimize advertising processes. These algorithms analyze vast datasets to predict which ads are most relevant to individual users, driving higher engagement and conversion rates. The ML-powered flexible event optimization feature in Moloco Ads offered Zupee more control over its optimization direction and dynamically adjusted to real-time user behavior and market trends. 

By leveraging Moloco campaigns focused on KPI Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS), Zupee saw a rise in its Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and achieved 3x ROAS compared to initial targets — leading to consistent growth, improving Lifetime Value (LTV), and reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Through advanced real-time bidding, Moloco's ML-powered solution efficiently optimized CAC for IAE. By effectively targeting the right audiences for the right price, Moloco consistently delivered, earning a position as one of the top marketing channels for Zupee.

Moloco's adaptability has been fundamental to this success and the proactive approach in localizing Zupee's global product for Indian advertisers. The machine learning-powered approach from Moloco Ads provided Zupee with a cutting-edge advantage. It allowed for more precise targeting, better user engagement, and, most importantly, a higher ROAS.


Harnessing Moloco's ML-powered solution, Zupee saw remarkable success in its user acquisition, engagement metrics, and customer lifetime value. The strategic partnership with Moloco paved the way for unprecedented growth in their KPIs.

  • Delivered top-tier CAC results
  • Achieved a 5X surge in first transactions within 3-4 months
  • Attained 3X ROAS targets and increased ARPU
Moloco Cloud DSP stands as a prominent performance platform, earning our trust as a valued partner at Zupee. Moloco's innovative solutions have been critical in optimizing and achieving our marketing endeavors.
 — Akanksha Dhamija, COO, Growth & Strategy, Zupee








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