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Yogiyo onboarded over 25K advertisers within one month of launch with Moloco


August 21, 2023

About Yogiyo

Yogiyo is a leading food delivery platform in South Korea with $3B USD Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). They serve over 1 million users daily, with over 260K restaurants nationwide.


Yogiyo saw some success with a time-based ad service implemented on its platform. However, the time-based ad service required their advertisers to prepay for ads without any guarantee of performance, and placement on the site was fixed, which limited the reach and relevance for users across regions and categories. This caused challenges for the scalability of Yogiyo’s ads business as it limited the percentage of advertisers, left niche inventory unfilled, and restricted their advertising gross potential.


In response to Yogiyo's challenges, Moloco provided an innovative solution through the Moloco Commerce Media Platform (MCM), an enterprise software solution driven by machine learning. Moloco Commerce Media tailored Yogiyo's platform to display real-time, hyper-relevant ads based on user events, restaurant locales, and delivery features — leading to superior ad performance through automation and outcome-based optimization, specifically Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Moloco Commerce Media further enhanced its engine to include vertical-specific features like restaurant location and delivery. 


Through Moloco's continuous advanced machine learning models, Yogiyo continues to grow its advertiser base, advertiser ROI, user ad relevance, and revenue from ads.

  • Onboarded over 25,000 advertisers in under one month
  • Boosted ad-driven GMV by 2.7x compared to previous ad solution
  • Increased overall advertising business by 94%
Thanks to Moloco’s cutting edge machine learning technology and ads business expertise, we’ve built a food delivery specialized ad product which is outperforming expectations and is enabling rapid growth for our business. We are thrilled with our Moloco partnership and look forward to our mutual success in the retail media business.
 — Taehoon Kim, Head of Ads Business, Yogiyo




South Korea


Food Delivery


Moloco Commerce Media

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