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Wonder People secured high-value users and exceeded ROAS goal by 20%

Jinsil Choi
Kuyoung Chung

August 31, 2023

About Wonder People

Established in 2018, Wonder People is a leading game developer in the casino genre and widely known for the Texas Hold'em app, "Mega Hit Poker."


Wonder People’s "Mega Hit Poker'' app stands out for its superior interface, sound, graphics, and user experience. And due to the nature of social casino games, they require in-app purchases to be profitable in addition to installs. Within this genre, acquiring high-value users is a challenge — as they are limited and rare. To maintain ROAS performance while targeting high-value users, Wonder People partnered with Moloco. 

Wonder People has been executing UA campaigns mainly on the walled garden platforms with campaigns aimed at achieving ROAS via in-app purchases. Even though the budget was increased, broad reach was not achieved but instead the same pool of users were exposed repeatedly to the ads, lowering the overall efficiency. We desperately needed to search for a new channel that could reach quality users at a broad scale.

We tested several DSPs and most of them took months to activate the ROAS models, and, even after several months, the ROAS was not great. By collaborating with Moloco, we were able to improve ROAS performance to an excellent level.
 — Joohyun Park, Business PM, Wonder People


Creating custom events optimized through machine learning
To improve ROAS for the Mega Hit Poker campaign, Moloco proposed CPA optimization using custom events. Specifically, Wonder People leveraged custom event created based on high-priced in-app purchase actions and trained Moloco's CPA model based on these actions. Moloco's ML engine identified users with the desired purchasing activity, predicted following behaviors, delivered relevant ads, and improved ROAS performance.

Producing efficient and effective creatives
Moloco's creative insights improved and maintained excellent performance, utilizing video formats produced through creative analysis. The Moloco Studio team of data scientists, graphic designers, and campaign strategists created and optimized video content to maximize campaign performance by analyzing the campaign data from the Moloco Cloud DSP. This included augmenting in-game situations with relevant CTAs like "All In" and "Fold" to drive engagement.


By leveraging Wonder People's first-party data and custom events with Moloco Cloud DSP, the custom campaign quickly achieved performance goals and surpassed expectations, hitting their ROAS KPIs during the first week. 

  • Exceeded ROAS goal by 20%
  • Secured high-value users at a 30%* lower CPI than other marketing channels
  • Increased marketing budget after revenue increase from highly-targeted campaigns
  • Data-driven creatives produced by Moloco Studio achieved a 30% decrease in CPI and a 100% increase in ROAS compared to other campaigns.

*US standard

I was impressed by the machine learning performance of Moloco Cloud DSP, which quickly and accurately optimizes CPA based on first-party data. In addition to high efficiency, we were able to achieve ROAS that exceeded KPIs thanks to the constant support of the Moloco expert team.
 — Joohyun Park, Business PM, Wonder People


Wonder People


South Korea




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